× ˇthings i hateˇ ×

× ˇthings i hateˇ ×

call me a biggot if you wish.. cause i know some of it sounds like racial slurs.. it most likely is, and i could care less... i'm not racist at all.. if i was, i couldn't call myself a juggalo "fuck skin color everybody's blue, then what would all these biggots do?!" but take it how you wish.

Okay, Now here's the list:

people who try to be something they're not.

the punk trend

plaid being trendy.. ugh

liveing too far from all the good concerts


people who have boyfriends yet they still flirt with the guy you like

the guy that was behind me in the mosh pit during the adema set who kept kneeing me in the ass and hitting me in the back of the head

pop music..rap music.. r&b.. etc.. (with VERY few exceptions)

anything that's hot pink

anything that's pastel colors

anything that crawls (babys.. then bugs)


the fact that rappers all have ho's in their videos

the fact that if they didn't sing about bitches blunts and 40's.. they wouldn't be able to get anyone..

the fact that a black person can call me a cracker or white trash.. and it's not racist

the fact that my mom can't buy me shit or raise my allowace because she has to pay taxes to support the stupid fucks in jail and all the crackhead black pregnant mothers on welfare who already have 6 kids..

i live on CHURCH st. and i don't believe in god...

the words.. "bling bling money ain't a thang"..

people who hate ugly people (it makes us feel rejected damnit!)

religion isn't to be taught in schools, yet when i say "jesus christ" in school i get 5 demerits.

someone else can yell "fuck" and only have to write "i will not cuss in class" wtf.. she's in 11th grade not 3rd anymore.. cut the crap

people who think that they're better than me

people who call other people 'dirty' because they don't choose to spend every last cent they get on new clothes (cds are more important!)

people who wont shower no matter how much you tell them (nicely) that they need one -cough cough-

people who will do anything just for sex

people who talk in baby talk

people who wear black lipstick.. just to fit in

people who cry about breaking a nail

people who cry when they get a 'B' on something at school

people who tell you to be positive when they have no clue what's going on..

people with low IQ's that can get into any college they want just because of mommy and daddy

bad actors

over actors

macy gray... hahaha she forgot the words to the star spangled banner.. it's twilights last gleaming not glare you stupidass

people who think there isn't such thing as pop-punk (there is pop-punk you fucking tards..like.. blink, nfg, and sum41.. bleh)

polyester band shorts

wool band uniforms

people who blame all their faults on other people

people who say silverchair isn't grunge

people who don't respect other peoples opinions

people who bitch at you if you're not "trendy"

the fact that ALL guys complain about sweaty nuts when they dunno how gross a bra can feel

the fact that music channels on tv show more rap videos than anything else

girls with facial hair

people who wear so much makeup you cant see their face.. ahem.

people who steal ideas and don't say where they came from

people who can stand to watch BET at all hours of the day

the fact that there can be a black entertainment channel but if we made a white entertainment channel it would be discriminating

internet gangs (im in da cripz yo.. nigga you betta watch yo mouf or i'll fly all the way to cali from florida to cap yo ass......... then they pull out a gun av.. lmmfao.. o yea.. cyber gangs are the best thing ever)

the fact that the guy from puddle of mud had to go and ruin a good song by saying he likes the way you smack his ass

C.A. house.. because they wont fix my piccolo

jenna monogiuodis(sp) ...fuckin slut

people who never shut up

the fact that my mom wont let me make my own mistakes.... suuurree. she can go out all through her teen years and get drunk and come home and pass out on the toilet... but me.. a 3.926 student can't get my tounge pierced.. uh huh riiiight

people in general..

lots of other shit..