× ·drawn by me· ×
× ·drawn by me· ×

my first doll =D* jessicka from jack off jill* gwen stefani =P* base edit contest entry for miniature reality*** Kobe Bryant, made for John.. haha** made for josie as thanks for her tutorials merry christmas =D emma bunton aka baby spice
marilyn manson =D made for a base edit contest at daisy's dolls^ sleepy...^
made for a naughty valentine contest^ made for a anime contest at rainbow clouds
heh.. i was bored and drew this from scratch, i wish i could find some good bases like this the first 'brat' i've ever done... i kinda like it.. heh the first 'pikat' i've ever done..
not drawn by me.. only some parts were.. most of it was just edited, it's supposed to look like calen.. =D this is supposed to look like rich, i drew all but the base.. my inspiration was elwira though.. i was bored.. yup.. that's all.. so i just took ideas from other avs and re-drew it all... yup

* base by Josie's Dollz
** base by Josie's Dollz that i edited a bit
*** base by Miniature Reality
^ base by Daisy