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this is everything that i can remember about the concert i was at: Systematic, Stereomud, Adema, Drowning Pool, and Disturbed =D

okay, first of all, this is gonna be long as all hell and most likely boring.. buuut.. it's everything that i can remember about the concert. we had a kickass time the whole day.. even in the car.. katrina, her brother harry and his friend nathan came and picked me up from school at 1:30 and we left on our way to the beaver dome! wo0ho0!
(i had a hell of a time getting out of there.. they didn't believe my mom wrote the note saying i was leaving early and i couldn't just call my mom because they didn't believe that she was on my emergency medical card.. so i hd to go to the office and get the card so i could call my mom so that she could say she DID write the note so that i could leave... stupid school.)

(just think about this shit) harry was reading the directions and they said "go to the center of beaver by taking a right onto pleasant dr. then a left on broadhead" lmmfao..
we got to the venue before we went to eat so we knew where it was and what not..and for some odd reason when we started to leave i was like "it doesn't look like a beaver!" lmmfao and we were all rollin..
we got to McDonalds to eat and there was this sign (remind you.. the county was beaver) and the sign said "kiss and ride" sooo they stood in front of it and i took the picture. lol
okay.. no more funny beaver cracks.. heh.

in McDonalds harry was trying to put a disturbed sticker on the window soo we were trying to not draw attention to him.. and nathan dropped the whole damn tray in the garbage and we started crackin up.. we couldn't help it.. and it was right when he was reaching to put it on the window.. lol but the mcdonalds people didn't see it so it was all okay...

we like.. left right after that and went back to te venue and stood outside for a while and pased out free shit.. but the damn security guards wouldn't let us in to hang posters (they were on the fucking disturbed guestlist and the street team for god sakes) so we passed out more free shit.. then katrina went back to her car for something.. when she came back she yelled to me and told me to get over there and when i did... guess who was standing there.. david draiman.. =D anyways.. i got over there and had him sign my cd cover and pose for a picture (that took forever cause the battery was dead in my camera and i couldn't figure out what was wrong with it... i felt really dumb with him standing with his arm around me that long.. lmmfao)
after we got pictures katrina started talkin to him and told him that security wouldn't let them in.. annnd he was kinda pissed about it.. so he told security that it was his show and that we were allowed in but security had already taken all of their id's earlier and they still.. uhh.. wouldn't... so we passed out more free shit while david went to get the id's back.
while we were passing out free shit we just so happened to meet the lead singer of drowning pool.. he was really kickass.. he was sittin there on a bmx bike and he shook my hand and stuff..and said that he'd make my first concert one to remember.. heh then he asked if he could have some of the free shit we were passing out (lmfao @ harry not knowing who it was... he laughed about it later.. cause he was street teaming the guy from drowning pool)..
while we wre doing that david came back out and yelled for us to go over to the security door thing again.. and he had em give the id's back and we went in at about 4:30..wo0ho0! i got in free!!! when we walked in harry said he had to ask em some stuff and if we could stay later.. and david told some staff member to hook us up with passes, but.. we never got em.. s'okay though.. i still got to meet him then, that's all that matters.
i already had a ticket though.. but it's still intact.. i didn't have to get it ripped.. (i got it signed later during the first set by the lead singer of systematic!)
we hung 2 rolls of friggin posters all over the walls then watched the sound check which was cool.. we watched the disturbed sound check and they played voices.. the bass was so loud that it was shaking the dome ceiling enough to make foam fall from it.. (and for stupid people who don't know.. the foam is on the walls to keep the sound form bouncing off them and echoeing.)

anyways.. we had about a half an hour to blow before they opened the doors to the public so we bought shirts and talked to Kid, the drummer from systematic.. and one of the security guards.. wo0! they were just getting ready to open the doors so we made sure we had THE best spots along the rail right in front of centerstage.

the first band to come on was systematic.. they ruled.. i was really shy though.. cause i didn't know any of their songs (except for beginning of the end.. and a few words here and there from a couple other songs...) and that it was my first concert.. soo i kinda stood there at first.. (lol) but ya know.. when he yelled shit like "lemme see your fuckin horns mother fuckers!" i'd be all like "wooo0o0!" \m// the pit for systematic wasn't bad at all.. i mean.. when it first started the crowd was really pumped up and they started a huge fight in the middle (i was in the front.. heh.. so i didn't have to worry) but then by the 3rd song it was just head banging.. a lil push here.. a big push there and jumpin.. heh.. the lead singer jumped down to the floor right in front of us (i mean RIGHT IN FRONT, cause we were directly in the center) and everyone cut off our air trying to touch him.. lol... then when they started 'beginning of the end' he yelled "i better hear you all singing this mother fuckers!!" so i got into it like mad.. jumped up and down and sang.. (yeaa!! the one song i knew.. lmfao) i'd tell you the set list but i didn't manage to get one.. and i have no clue as to what half the stuff they played was.. i have the cd.. but i dont listen to it often enough to know all their songs and titles... during about the 3rd song i'd say.. maybe 4th.. some girl was trying to get in between katrina and harry.. so we'd uhh.. 'mosh' a lot to try to keep her back.. like... he'd tap me and yell "mosh left!" and we'd push her back to the second row again.. lol.. then we gave up.. cause.. it was getting anoying.. but i could still move at the end of the set.. so i was happy.. =D
when they were done the lead singer jumped down to the floor again and he ran by and singed some stuff.. i had him sign my nice little un-ripped ticket.. hehe. =D

during intermission (I think that's what they called the time between each of the 5 sets) we didn't do shit.. we just talked to the people around us so we knew who the hell was rubbing up on our asses and boobies.. lmmfao!! they had some shitty ass song on the stereo thing.. it was annoying.. it was like.. old country or somthin.. bleh.. who knows.. it sounded aweful..

after about 10 minutes stereomud came on… I didn’t think that they were going to be as good as they were cause I never heard of em before.. i didn't know ANY of the words, but i was into it anyway.. erik kept yellin for us to jump.. soooo we did.. and i got kneed up the ass again.. lol.. but it was okay i suppose.. it still wasn't bad.. the pit wasn't actually bad until adema came out.
anyways.. erik started talkin about how he's sending the song out to the guys in afghanistan because they decided to fuck with the wrong country and then they went into 'don't be afraid' which was an awesome song... though i never heard it before last night it was catchy so by the end of the song i was singing the chorus.. erik jumped off the stage and came really close to the pit too.. he was right in front/beside us (i loved being in the front!) and again.. i got pushed up against the gate.. it was fun though.. they had to be my second favorite performance.. i thought they were awesome.. again.. i wish i had a setlist but i dont.. (i bought the cd at the end though cause i was so impressed then got it signed by erik!! =D )

then the second intermission came.. it was kinda cool..they played a good somng this time! by STP!.. but while the roadies were setting up for adema i spotted this.. guitar pick.. on the other side of the gate.. couldn't reach it though, cause there was no chance in hell that i'd get back up if i did.. so i yelled for the security guard and asked em to get it for me.. hehe.. he did, and turns out it was a stereomud guitar pick =D
so i was really happy when i got it.. cause i was extrememly impressed with em.. heh.

adema came on next and by the middle of the first song i had some huge, i mean HUGE guy behind me. everytime the lead siger would say "jump" i'd get hit in the head by this guys arm.. and kneed up the ass. it started really pissing me off.. soooo this is when i started to get REALLY fucking violent.. i grabbed the gate with both hands put my foot on it.. then pushed back as hard and as fast as i could.. the guy flew back pretty far, and pushed lots of the crowd back.. but then he came back up.. i didn't do anything about it for a while.. i decided to just let it go.. so adema played through about 2 songs, then they stopped and the lead singer started talkin.. he had the people workin the lights turn em onto the floor and said "i seen every aspect of a rock concert, and now i want to see some titties!" lol.. so all the whores showed their tits.. the guy behind me was pissing me off more than ever.. because i mean.. he was right up on my ass.. and it sucked.. sooo i pushed em back a few more times.. he finally moved over a lil bit so that he was behind the girl next to me and not behind me anymore. i started to actually pay attention to the music.. heh. adema wasn't as good as i hoped for.. i thought they'd be a LOT better then they were.. the only time they were actually good was when they played 'giving in'.. i think it's cause the crowd got into it since it's their most well-known song.. the pit was worst during adema.. we weren't as packed in as we were gonna be later.. but it was violent.. =D but soo fun though.. heh

okay.. the adema set was over and by now we'd been there for a LONG time.. we were getting pretty damn thirsty.. and security wouldn't give us ANY fucking water.. we started chanting for water and yelling for security guards so they gave us some.. (finally.. but only a little bit..like.. they probably gave out 10 bottles and 25 cups to the ENTIRE pit.) one of the roadies threw a bottle down and it hit me right in the jaw then hit the girl beside me in the eye. it hurt like.. hell. but i didn't care.. cause.. we got water =D... about this time harry moved back a bit so that this preppy bitch could see the first song for drowning pool.. i was like "if she doesn't move after the fisrt song just push he r out of the way" and he said "no, cause i'm too nice for that" or something to that extent.. so i said "well i'm not.. i'm a bitch and i'll do it" and the chick spazzed out.. she was all "it's only one fucking song just chill." she wouldn't move.. but.. she got what was coming to her.

anyways.. drowning pool came out and i was surprised in them too.. i didn't think they'd be as good as they were.. i mean.. i KNEW they'd be good and that the crowd would get into it because i have the cd and it's pretty good.. but i still didn't think it'd be THAT good.. they played through the first song.. and the bitch didn't move.. they played the second song.. she didn't move.. you could tell she was getting pissed though and didn't like the pit.. but what would you expect, she was a preppy slut. after the first 2 songs Dave (the lead singer) said something like "this is our church, and in our church.. you can do whatever the fuck you want and have no regrets.. you can light it up.. you can beat the fuck out of someone.. and you can sleep with people you just met.." and some other stuff.. but that was basically it.... after that harry wanted his spot back sooo i squeezed to the right and he pushed the bitch back.. after a couple songs she was whining for security cause the pit was too rough and they pulled her out. they had these 2 hoochies/groupies go on the stage during one of the songs and pull down their pants and show everyone their thongs.. on had "drowning pool" on her ass.. and the other had "kicks ass" on hers.. we knew they wre just groupies because they didn't know any of the songs besides bodies.. which is stupid.. if you like a band it should be for more than one song. they were getting ready to do the last song in the set and Dave brought out Erik from stereomud.. and erik said something to the extent of "look around you, see who's standing next to you.. cause it's gonna look completely different at the end of this!" and they started bodies.. oooommmmgggg did the pit get cool! lol.. by this time i was squished and couldn't uhh.. move.. but yea.. it was awesome..

then the last intermission came.. by now i was squished.. i couldn't move.. at all.. i was all sweaty and i had people rubbing up against me from all sides.. i didn't really pay attention to anything that was goin on around me, i was too hot, and too gross.. i just tried to rest my head on my arms the best i could..

disturbed was getting ready to come out and the roadies were setting up, and they brought down this screen so we could watch a video.. it played onto the song.. so it was cool.. it showed a bunch of really quick clips of people getting arrested for things they've done to make a stand.. or for people being different while flashing the words "arrested for being different" "killed for being different" and so on.. it was kind of hard to see though since i was so close to it.. i had to look almost straight up.
the screen lifted and green lights shown on the stage then they brought david out in a striped suit and put him in a gas chamber (or what was supposed to represent one) and he started pounding on the sides.. they filled it up with gas (mist) and he kept pounding on the sides till he 'died', he slid to the bottom of the chamber and the lights went off..within 10 seconds he ripped off the suit (he had other clothes on.. don't get to happy now.. lmfao) and the lights came on and they started their set with conflict. it was.. awesome!
after the song david was saying something about all of our voices.. and that he wanted to hear them.. then they started voices.. (makes sense.. heh) not too long into the set and david was like "where's all the ladies at?" and of course.. we all screamed like there was no tomorrow.. then he continued "i want all you ladies to get on the shoulders of the guy next to you... no.. that's a guy.. there's another guy, get the fuck down.....show me them titties" and the crowd screamed.. "now its a rock show" then continued on with the set...
towards the middle of the set when there were people crowd surfing like mad one of the oolllldd security guards got knocked to the floor.. i'm not sure how bad he got hurt.. buut you could tell it wasn't to good.. so a few of the other security guards ran over to help him get away from the crowd..
david was getting really pissed cause the people in the back weren't uhm.. into it.. he kept yelling for them to 'get their fucking asses up off the bleachers cause it isn't a god damned basketball game' hehe.. the front was really into it though. he looked at us the whole time.. probably cause we were screaming the songs at the top of our lungs and jumping like it was gonna be trendy the next day (lmfao) they played a new song called prayer (which kicks ass.. i can't wait for the new album!) and we really got into it.. it's nice to hear something new =D
after they played shout they all left the stage and the sheet that they had up in the back came down and we thought it was over so we started chanting "we want more" and "disturbed!" and they came back out (eee!)

anyways, they came back out and played their last 2 songs, Down With The Sickness, and they closed with Stupify.. when they finished, Dan threw about 10 guitar pics or so.. i almost had one, but didn't get it..grr.. then a couple roadies passed out set lists to everyone in the front row.. it was neat.
the lights came on and almost everyone left and the band members were all out on the floor now.. and i got to meet a few of the guys from Disturbed, then a couple from Systematic.. and Erik from Stereomud.. it was nice.. we were the last people to leave other than the groupies waiting for Dave from Drowning Pool

we went outside and were waiting outside of the buses and Katrina and Harry talked to Kid (the drummer for systematic) for a while.. it was pretty damn cold out there.. but after about 20 minutes he left and told us that it's not worth autographs to stand ou tin the cold. haha.. he was pretty cool..

anyways, me and the people i was with all got guitar pics.. pretty cool eh?
they all got disturbed and i got stereomud.. haha.. i'm the odd one out.. =)
i'm still kinda mad that my camera didn't work, but it was still EXTREMELY fun.. and i'd LOVE to go again.. hah.. though nothing would ever amount to how great that was..