:: Celebs/Charactors
jessicka fodera from jack off jill.. Base by Josie gwen stefani =P... Base by Josie Kobe Bryant, made for John.. haha... base by Josie emma bunton aka baby spice
marilyn manson... drawn from scratch jon davis.. made out of sheer boredom... drawn from scratch
made for a anime contest at rainbow clouds.. drawn from scratch jasmine from aladdin, made for a disney contest at nellz dollz, but never submitted.. drawn from scratch
 Kikyou from InuYasha.. the head looks like crud.. err.. i couldn't get it right... Base by Miniature Reality (altered a tad..) lol.. this would be inu-yasha.. i'm officially obsessed with the show/books.. so i drew 'em.. Base by Miniature Reality
this would be kagome  from inu-yasha =).. told ya i'm obsessed with this show.. base by Miniature Reality