:: Bratts/Pikats/Cartoonies
heh.. i was bored and drew this from scratch, i wish i could find some good bases like this the first 'brat' i've ever done... i kinda like it.. heh the first 'pikat' i've ever done... Base by Pixel Punks
not drawn by me.. only some parts were.. most of it was just edited, it's supposed to look like calen.. =D.. i -edited- this when i was obsessive over the boy =X.. i left the pants how they were by the original doller because it looked EXACTLY like what he wears.. i forget where the original came from though =[ this is supposed to look like rich, i drew all but the base, which came from camilla nimue i was bored.. yup.. that's all.. so i just took ideas from other avs and re-drew it all... yup. base by camilla nimue
made for an artistic vision contest. i don't like its' eyes, but i like the rest of it... go figure.
lol i love thugs. woo! go homiezz.z