:: About Me

name: cassie

age: 16

birthdate: 9/11/86

grade: 11

location: ytr

favorite color(s): black, silver and teal-ish..

favorite band: disturbed..

obsession: the carnival (ya know.. the yorkville fireman's festival)

things i couldn't live without: nail polish, music, and internet access.

person i trust the most: hah! i only trust my livejournal lol, nah.. i put trust in just about everyone.. it's sad really.. you ask me something and i'll probably tell you the answer =X

favorite subject (not school, but just general conversation): musiiccccc!

does the phone suck or what?: yeaaaa, it does.

favorite movie: interview with the vampire.

favorite tv show: inu-yasha, the simpsons, battle bots, dbz, undressed and ALL THINGS ROCK!

favorite shoes: heeh.. my GRAY vans..

person i'd want to be like the most: myself, and maybe sing like the chick from otep, morgan lander, and jessicka fodera combined. hoorah..

favorite site: onchat

band i respect the most: o-town (lmfao)

funniest thing ever: dont st3al m3h fawt!!! ch3st3r ish min3!!!!.. or.. hello QT pie! i'm a cop you idiot!.. etc.

if you'd like to know why i picked o-town to be the band i respect the most, i'll tell ya.. i watched making the band because i had nothing better to do, and they had to put up with sooo much shit.. the people making the band didn't care about the way they sounded, or the way they danced..etc, all they cared about was drama.
the producers wanted drama... the more drama there was, the more people that would want to watch it, and the higher the stations ratings would go... so yea, that's why i respect them.. they pulled together and got a new band member (after one quit cause he couldn't take it.. woopie.. drama) 7(?) weeks before their first show.. and now look where they're at.. yea.. i don't like them, but i do have respect for them.