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this site [actually it was the realm of avs back then.. ] was created sometime in 2000 because i chatted a lot at onchat and i wanted to start an av site.. weeelll soon enough i was seeing av sites everywhere so i kept making it bigger.. and better.. trying to make it as good as the rest of them.. and i had to have had one of the largest collections of onchat avs, but i never advertised.. anyway, i put in a drag and drop av maker cause they were all the rage and i finally gave up on the site cause i was tired of updating all the crap for people who didn't give a rats. o.O
somehow i came accross Josie's Dollz, and at the time, i was wondering why in the name of god people would want to draw stuff from bases.. but then not long after that i went back to josie's dollz.. got a few bases and started doing it myself.. sooo her site is the reason i started making my own.. and i've been drawing the dolls since then.. [lol you wouldn't think it's been that long since there's hardly any on the site, but it's cause i only make dolls when i'm bored].. anyyyway, that's the site history.. not that it's that great.
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well, there's not really much to say about me... i'm 17 and from ohio, i go to BLHS class of '04... the '04s are awesome, we won everything this year, from the hall decorating, to the homecoming activities, to the powderpuff game, you name it the 04s won it..
i'm a music fanatic.. and i'll give anything a try at least once.. at the moment, i'm mainly into emo, hardcore, and things like it.. [that includes punk, screamo and all that random stuff, i'm not going to get into genres and subgenres right now]
i drive the most horrible piece of junk you'll ever see. it's an '89 cavalier and it stalls and tries to stall and does all kinds of goofy things. things are rusting off of it and just recently i put it through a fence. [hah long story short, it was raining, there was mud, my friend said park in her yard, i go to park in her yard, car slides in the mud, and go straight through her fence]
i'm not a girly-girl. i don't like things glittery or anything like that. i don't wear make-up, ever. i think once every couple months i'll get the energy to put eyeliner on, and even then it's not even noticable. i don't even brush my hair half the time. it's the beauty of having one of those mop-tops you see on emo-girls everywhere. hah.
i'm not a very outgoing person unless i already know you.. or unless we're going to a punk show. then i'm your best friend ever.
to go on with the whole "i'm a music fanatic" thing i said earlier... i'm in the BLHS marching and concert bands. i play the flute/piccolo/oboe/bassoon/and trumpet. i'd also like to play baritone someday. not that it'll be hard to pick up seeing as how it's supposedly easier than a trumpet.

anyway, this is long.. so if you think i'm at ALL interesting and you'd like to talk to me then feel free to message me on aim or send me an e-mail or something.. and if you want to keep up-to-date with my day to day crap.. then you can check out my livejournal.. located here

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