Welcome to my page's largest gallery, all of Vegeta. This page is huge, and many images are one of a kind, so don't take them without asking me. I trust that's not a problem. If it is, take it up with our dear prince.

Vegeta kicks the crap out of stage 2 Cell
Vegeta in GT, looking good as always
Vegeta's upper half, arms folded, wind in his hair
Vegeta in GT, looks over his shoulder at Dr. Gero and Dr. Myu
Vegeta, in the Spirit Realm, powers into level 2
Vegeta from what's known as the Lost Movie
From the Majin Fight, I edited out the script M
Vegeta, about half a second before going SSJ on #19
Huge close up of Vegeta in the Saya-jin Saga
Creepy looking pic of Vegeta in like blueish black light, he's in his jumpsuit
Vegeta from Final Bout, looking all deadly
Possibly my favorite Vegeta pic, possing in a black jumpsuit. Hero collection prisim card
From movie 6, Vegeta saves Kakarotto from Kooler in dramatic fashion
Picutres of Vegeta from almost all the sagas, level 4 in the front
Majin Vegeta from Super Butoden 3
Vegeta in GT, charges up to fight Super 17
Vegeta in GT, slightly bashed up
Vegeta and Kakarotto from Movie 6, fireing behind them at Kooler
Vegeta, in GT, battles Hell Fighter 17
Vegeta smashes the crap out of Majin Buu's face
Vegeta continues his assault, inplanting his boot in Buu's face
The battle for the Saya-jins' future begins, Vegeta takes on Freeza!
Vegeta shows no mercy, throwing a knife hand to Jeice's ribs and shattering his armor
Manga, Vegeta and Kakarotto face off, in the Saya-jin Saga
Vegeta floats in the water, after Future Trunks got a bit ticked
Close up of Vegeta's face in above
Vegeta training, pre-Android Saga
Vegeta and Tien, durring the Cell Saga
Vegeta in level 4, I don't know why but I find this cute
Vegeta's face from the Saya-jin saga in a frame of roses. I didn't make this
Vegeta in the Buu Saga, his name below him
Cel of Vegeta's upper half in the Cell Saga, my favorite cel
Vegeta in GT, looks up at the sky after stopping some human from stealing a TV
Vegeta in GT, blasting I forgot what
Vegeta takes Galdo's head clean off, Manga picture, much bloodier then the anime
Manga pic of Vegeta from the Cell saga, flying at you
Vegeta from the Garlic Jr. saga, getting ready to kill a large number of idiots
Cel of Vegeta from the Buu saga, not the right background
Vegeta with his left shoulder and arm in wire frame. I forgot where i got this from
2 cards of Vegeta in Super Saya-jin, one from the 18 fight, the other vs 19
2 cards of Vegeta one from Namick in his old armor, the other from the late Cell Saga
Scan of a Vegeta sticker of mine, sitting against a brown DBZ background
Vegeta, GT, Level 4, cel
Vegeta, in what looks like Saya-jin Saga royal armor but he's built like in the Buu Saga
Vegeta's face from GT in a frame. One of my favs
The image on my Vegeta shirt, red, 3 ssj Vegetas
Majin Vegeta powers up, card
Very basic picture of Level 4 Vegeta
Vegeta in level 4, his giant golden Oozaru form in the back
Vegeta in the Cell Saga, sweating it out
Vegeta from movie 8, rockets by Future Trunks to fight Brolly
Vegeta's face, right before a Final Flash
Vegeta blasts Zarbon's gut out, with some nice Japanese
Vegeta from Freeza's retelling of the destruction of Planet Vegeta
Vegeta from the Bardock Special
Random pics of Vegeta from the Barodck special
Vegeta and Trunks from the Majin Saga, right before Vegeta knocks Trunks out, edited off M
Vegeta and Chibi Kakarotto from GT
Vegeta's image over an injured Kakarotto
Vegeta sleeping in front of Kakarotto's healing capsule
Vegeta next to his name, inverted
Vegeta on a joker card
Vegeta glareing at Kakarotto
Vegeta fighting Gohan, Freeza Saga cel
Vegeta from the playdia, rushing at you
Vegeta and Nappa, the sun reflecting off their scouters
Vegeta being his cute self
Vegeta throwing an elbow to Kakrotto's gut, Saya-jin Saga
Vegeta and Kakarotto from the opening of Final Bout
Vegeta in level 4 kicking the leader of the evil dragons in the face
Vegeta looking very deadly, script M edited off by me
Vegeta and Kakarotto, Super Saya-jins
Super Saya-jin Vegeta, Cell Saga, very cool
Faded Vegeta pic with his name
2 almost identical posters of Vegeta and Kakarotto
Tiny pic of Vegeta when he was fighting Babi-Gohan
Vegeta and Kakarotto from the movie 12 intro
Chibi Vegeta looking pissed that he shot a rat and it died without a fight
Vegeta and Bojack from a movie 9 poster
Vegeta putting his fist into stage 2 Cell's gut, very real looking
Vegeta about to Final Flash you
Very funny manga image of Chibi V and a bunch of packages
Not so funny pic of Vegeta after 18 got though with him
Vegeta from the Saya-jins Saga, seems a bit surprised
Vegeta, from his flashback, against a stary background
Split screen of Guru, Dende, Vegeta and Vegeta's dad
Vegeta crushing Kakarotto's ribs, Saya-jin Saga
Vegeta's original look, brown armor, brown hair
Vegeta fires at Freeza right after he was brought back
Vegeta lost between Freeza's eyes, very depressing
Vegeta powers a double handed shot, Freeza Saga
Vegeta putting an end to Raccome, Budder dead at his feet
Chibi V shows off to his father's army
Vegeta and his father
Vegeta flying after he ditched Kakarotto with Ginyu
Vegeta being anti-social as the eldest Namick talks on Earth
Super Saya-jin Vegeta throwing a lot of fire balls
Manga pic of Vegeta smriking, kind of beat up but really happy
Vegeta shaving, GT, cute pic
Vegeta from Ultimate Battle 22
Shot of Vegeta's eyes when he went Super Saya-jin on 19
Screen shot of Vegeta pissed at 18
Vegeta pigging out
Future Trunks tries to stop Vegeta from going after the androids
Vegeta and Future Trunks at Gero's door
An incredible cel of Majin Vegeta laughing, edited by me
Cel of Vegeta and Kakarotto from the opening of Final Bout, wrong background
Pencil of the above cel
Cel of Vegeta training
Pencil of the Vegeta training cel
Cel of Super Saya-jin Vegeta pulling back a punch, Cell Saga
Cel of Vegeta right before he fought Gohan at the end of the Freeza Saga
Cel and Pencil of Vegeta looking surprised, Cell Saga
Cel of Vegeta walking with some of Freeza's lackys, majorly wrong background
Vegeta's face in balck and white from when he powers up before fighting Raccome
Cel of Vegeta training with Trunks before the Buu Saga ^_^
Card of Vegeta in what looks like the tropics
Manga pic of Vegeta training Trunks, funny stuff
Super Saya-jin Vegeta in a swirl of gold ki
Super Saya-jin Vegeta blasting, GT
Screen shot of Vegeta from the Buu Saga
Vegeta charges into Super Saya-jin before fighting Kooler
4 pics of Vegeta on Namick
Vegeta kicks the downed Kakarotto before fighting 19, manga
Half darkened Majin Vegeta
Prism card of Majin Vegeta charging
2 pics of Chibi Vegeta from an art book
Chibi Vegeta looking very evil
Vegeta coming out of the healing chamber after the Saya-jin Saga
Cel of Vegeta telling Kakarotto exactly what he thinks of him
The pencil of the above cel
Vegeta charging, the only time I've seen him with white ki, GT
Cel of Vegeta looking over his shoulder
Vegeta turning SSJ 4 for the first time
Vegeta in the shower from GT, looking at his reflection ^_^
Vegeta in GT, looking very pissed he got hit
Vegeta smirking with a lot of power, SSJ 4
SSJ Vegeta rushing, from GT
Vegeta from GT, after his shoulder was impaled, cel
Cel of Majin Vegeta with an explosion in the background
Pencil of the above Majin Vegeta cel
Vegeta and Kaioshin, cel
Cel of Vegeta fighting stage 2 Cell underwater
Vegeta's face in the dark with a silver tint
Vegeta telling Kooler he's going to rip him to shreds, manga
Vegeta's shocked look when Gohan goes SSJ2, colored manga
Vegeta prism from the begining of the We Gotta Power opening
Vegeta card with a funny shiny background, Buu Saga
Cel of Vegeta actually smiling, Buu Saga
Vegeta when Babi was trying to get into his head
Colored pencil of Vegeta's profile
Vegeta being handed a porta earing, he doesn't look to thrilled
Vegeta getting up, Buu Saga
Vegeta's determination surprises even Kakarotto, Buu Saga card
Vegeta from GT, not looking all too happy
Vegeta in SSJ4, blasting away
SSJ4 Vegeta, hand out to blast whatever made him mad
I call this Vegeta, American style, there is no shame in crying here
Cel of SSJ Vegeta fighting, and not all too happy
Vegeta blasting Janenba from movie 12, prisim background
Vegeta from GT, looking on
Vegeta from GT in SSJ2 looking bashed but going strong
Vegeta flys to fight the androids
Vegeta goes SSJ training in space
SSJ Vegeta looking clueless
Majin Vegeta swings a kick
Vegeta and Kakarotto's history on a card
Vegeta's GT profile card
Vegeta's death in the buu saga on a card
Another version of the common GT Vegeta charge pic
Adorable pic of Vegeta from a Namick Doujinshi
Doujinshi image, Vegeta as a devil and Kakarotto in the back as an angel
Very hot Majin Vegeta from the above manga
Doujinshi cover, Vegeta screaming in front of a full moon
Another Doujinshi moon image called "prayer", I like this one better
Vegeta B III image I edited
Cel of Super Saya-jin Vegeta's profile, Cell Saga
Manga pic of Vegeta taking a nap under Freeza's ship
Manga image of Vegeta after not getting his wish, Freeza Saga
Vegeta boasts to Jeice, Manga
Vegeta kills Jeice, Manga
Cell Saga Manga cover with Vegeta anf Future Trunks
Vegeta in a tux, Doujinshi image
Doujinshi pic of Vegeta and a Namick Dragonball
Vegeta looking very annoyed, Manga
Cover of Diamoni Doujinshi, Vegeta in his Namick armor
Cell of Vegeta's face from the Cell Saga, purple BG
Manga Cover, Vegeta a blood mess in a swamp
Manga image, Vegeta looking all royal
VERY cool Manga cover with Vegeta ready to kill
Profile Page: Baby-Vegeta
Modified image of Vegeta's Majin Saga death
Vegeta yelling at Kakarotto, from movie 12
Vegeta attacking, from the playdia
Vegeta preparing to kill #19
Long range view of the first Big Bang Attack
Vegeta training, shoots a metor behind his back
Vegeta faces a electrical strom in space
Side by side pics of Vegeta going Super Saya-jin on #19
Vegeta's Smirk, up close
Vegeta with his normal look, on a red background
Vegeta not looking all too happy, Buu Saga colored manga
The Vegeta of Future Trunks' time, for the half second he's in the special
Vegeta from the Garlic Jr. Saga, small pic
Vegeta beating the sh*t out of Ginyu
Vegeta powers up in rage, vs Freeza
Vegeta knocked into the water on Namick
Vegeta's face up close, Cell saga
Vegeta and Future Trunks Doujinshi
Vegeta looking on as the others talk, Cell Saga
Vegeta looking in the mirror, GT
SSJ4s Vegeta and Kakarotto, cel
SSJ4s Vegeta and Kakarotto, pencil
Vegeta more glum then usual, cel
Vegeta's Profile from one of the games
Vegeta in the rain after getting beat by 18
Vegeta from his nightmare in the Trunks Saga

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