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Tyronn Lue

Full Name:Tyronn Jamar Lue
Position: Point Guard
D.O.B.: May 3, 1977
Height: 6-0
Weight: 178 lbs
College: Nebraska '98
Birthplace: Mexico, MO
Current Team: Washington Wizards

3/04/02- I added a FORUM for you to add comments and questions, I also added a Tyronn Lue QUIZ. give it a try.

1/31/02- I added a new page to the wizardsdays section. I also changed the pictures on the entrance and contents pages.

1/18/02- I added an article to the news section. It is a very interesting article about Tyronn. It's a background/bio of Tyronn's career. It's on the washington wizards website. Check it out CLICK HERE! TO SEE ARTICLE!

1/03/02- Happy New Year 2002!
Download your own copy of Tyronn Lue wallpaper from the washington wizards official site. They also have Kwame Brown, Richard Hamilton, and Brendan Haywood.
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12/29/01- I added more quotes to the quotes page. I also updated the news page. I also changed the picture on the entrance page. I will periodically change the picture on the entrance page and the contents page, for a little variety.

12/19/01- I added a third page of pictures to the lakerdays gallery.**Note** MANY THANKS TO LIS WAGNER for all the pictures. I appreciate all your help!!!****

12/17/01- I changed the contents page. I added more pictures to the lakerdays gallery and the collegedays gallery.

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Just a little background check. Find out where he grew up, his friends and influences, and his basketball career.


Find out what's happening in the news regarding Tyronn. Archived and current news.


Lots of Pictures. Pictures of Tyronn in action, college days pictures, Laker days pictures, and some current Wizards pictures.


Check out what some interesting things people had to say about Tyronn and some interesting things he said himself.

Tyronn Lue Forum

This is where you can display your comments on Tyronn Lue and the Wizards. You can also interact with other Ty Lue fans.

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