AZN Pryde Iz In Mah Mind,
AZN Blood Iz In Mah Kind,
Soe Step Asyde & Let Meeh Through,
Kuzz Itz AwW Bout Da AZN Krew,
AZN Luv Iz AwW Around,
Foh Mah Fellow AZN Neva Letz Meeh Down,
Show Ur Pryde & Sai Itz True,
Kuzz AZN Flowz Through Yew,
AZN Pryde Foh Lyfe Til I Die,
No Reazon Tew Lie,
Soe Step Asyde,
Ur'er Kickin It On Da AZN Syde,
Soe Step Down B4 We Regulate,
Keep It Real,
Kuzz AZN...Wyll,
AZN Foh Eva!!

AzN PrIdE 4 LyFe
AsIaN PriDe 4 LiFe TiLL i DiE
No ReAsOn 2 Lie
So SteP AsIde
AnaLyZe, ReCoNiZe
YoU'rE KicKiN iT On Da AzN SiDe
So SteP DowN b-4 We
KeeP iT WiLL
DeN i GuEsS i GoTTa BouNce
So MucH LuV aNd TaKe CaRez...PeAcE

Asian Pride
Asian Pride
Ever since the start
Us Asians have fallen apart
But this day in age
Is when we display
Our Asian Pride
It brings us together
Making us rise forever and ever
And you cant stop what weve done
Cause face it,
Weve already won
We know how to do things right
We know how to put up a good fight
Its our Asian Pride
That helps the asian side
Each year has passed
Now its time for you to see that asians last
Cause weve got pride
And asians are on the rise
So dont even try
Cause well make you cry
Bend down and beg for the mercy you need
Bow down to the ones you should obey indeed

When all iz faded
Light gleams through the darkness
Then all seems changed
Made bright, as it spark this
Ignited by the flame
Of the passion to rise
Asian Pride making stands
And also openin eyes
Many people realize
As they move aside to let the leaders
Of the millenium to come through
None knew, but it shows
As we never back down
It'z either all or either nothing
Always making new grounds
And moving around
Frum town to city,
Throughout the world
And letting all know
Our voices are heard
It's never going to stop
We'll be on top, until the end
Because you know, and I know
That asians' what we represent

WantIn Yew!
i caN't finD da wOrDs 2 sAy
2 tELL u Dat i feEL DiS wAy
i waNt u wUt cAn i dO
2 mAkE u waNt mE nExt 2 u
iF u LoOk at mE yuLL unDerStanD
aLL i waNt iS 2 hOLd uR haNd
i fELt DiS wAy 4 sO LonG
it huRts mE Dat i dOnt beLOnG
waNtinG u iSh aLL a DrEam
mY hEaRt aChEs i waNna sCrEam
i sMiLe n LauGh JuSt tiNkEn bOut u
2 GetheR nOw i wiSh it wUs tRuE