Northernmost Southern Exposure

Northernmost Southern Exposure


Lyons Wier Gallery


175 Seventh Avenue, at 20th Street, 212-242-6220

July 21 - July 24, 2009

Four days of interesting actions and modern day signs and wonders. A crack team of Baltimore artists, performers and aesthetic misfits cross the Mason/Dixon line to join other forces with their NYC brethren at the Lyons Wier Gallery in NYC, presenting images, makeovers, projections and other delights. Exhibiting artists include:


Spoon Popkin, Kelley Bell, Sarada Conaway, Ellie Pyle, Jackie Milad, Ric Royer, & Tony Shore


2006 One woman exhibition at Goucher College's Rosenberg Gallery, March- April

includes: The Ballad of Sharon & Zebedee
drawings in rain, latex, ink, spray paint and bone black on paper

The works in "The Ballad of Sharon and Zebedee" are based on the found collection of a single family. This group is my first foray into wet media. Using rain collected here in Baltimore as the base for these drawings I have come to embrace the unpredictability of water, giving up controll to the spontaneous chemical reactions as spray paint hits water and salt. The Ballad includes an installation of personal papers from Sharon & Zebedee and a sound piece culled from their casettes

American Institute of Architects, Baltimore, MD

�Salzburg Skizzenblock� sketches from my residency in Salzburg, Austria

May 1- June 28, 2006. Opening reception Thursday May 4, 5-7pm

A Lee Nagrin Workshop presents:

Spoon Popkin: Wet Dreams

The works in "wet dreams" are based on images from a 1974 Penthouse magazine. The women here with their incredibly dark tan lines and full pubic hair have become beings of total mystery, almost abstract in the stark graphic patterns of their skin. Painted with rain the stained effect racalls my early memories of finding Playboys in the woods of NC. The pages soaked and mildewed, we would pull them apart to hang on the trees untill we were in a fluttering forest of porn. -SP

21 Bleeker St (between Bowery & Lafayette), NYC, NY 10012 212-731-2484

December 2- 4, 2005

Tribes Gallery 285 East 3rd Street, NY, NY
, 2nd Floor (between Avenues C and D)
 (212) 674-3778

A Gathering of the Tribes (AGOTT) proudly presents its annual Charlie Bird Parker Birthday Festival entitled "Birds of a Feather Flock." This year we are celebrating Parker's 85th birthday and his inspiring creativity with an art exhibition which is available for viewing starting on August 18th. The opening party for the exhibition on August 25th from 6 to 9pm will feature live cello and piano music by Joel Freedman and Burton Green. The exhibition will continue until the end of the month.

The "Birds of a Feather Flock" art exhibit features the work of an amazing line up of 40 artists. This line up includes: Sachiko Akama, Micheal Ricardo- Andreev, Desmond Beach, Randi Bloom, Jason Bryant, Daren Chambers, Seth Cohen, Ryan Compton, Ondine Wolfe Crispin, Andy Eklund, Dora Espinoza, Liz Flyntz, Julio Gonzales, Geoff Grace, Susannah Gust, Silvia Huerta, Nikki Johnson, Vincent Keane, Akiko Kitami, Faye Koo, Ashley Larive, Brian Leo, T. Charnan Lewis, Lara Marcantonio, Billy Martin, Hillary Mazlow, Marcus Morales, Cara Ober, Yuko Otoma, Spoon Popkin, Afshaan Rahman, John Ranard, Cindy Rehm, James Romberger, Lisa Shilling, Judy Simons, Rene Trevino, Allison Turrell, Dan Van Allen, & Susan Whittier.

Mermaid Dreams: Daniel Van Allen & Spoon Popkin
artwork inspired by the Coney Island Mermaid Parade

June 24- August 5, 2005 Theeee Coffee Chamber 17 Bleeker Street , NY, NY 10012 212-529-3914

Coinciding with the the 23rd annual Coney Island Mermaid Parade presented by Sideshows by the Sea on Saturday June 25th, Mermaid Dreams is an exhibition of photography, slides and paintings inspired by the parade. Masked men and sequined mermaids abound in this show. Come and look for yourself, by that we mean you yourself may be on display in this exhibit!

Daniel Van Allen is a self taught artist. His self made paint-by-numbers are based on his own slides of the parade dating back to 1992. His slide archives from 1992-2004 will be shown during the opening Friday, June 24th. New slides of the 2005 parade will be shown during the closing Friday, August 5.

Spoon Popkin received her BFA from the Maryland Institute, College of Art and has studied at the North Carolina School of the Arts, the Glasgow School of Art and the Chautauqua Institute for Performing Arts. She has had residencies at the Vermont Studio Center and the Kunstlerhaus in Salzburg, Austria. She has had solo exhibitions at the the Kunstlerhaus (Salzburg, Austria), RGB Gallery (New York City), The Garfield Artworks (Pittsburgh, PA), The Ground Floor Gallery, Fells Point Creative Alliance (Baltimore, MD), The American Institute of Architects Gallery (Baltimore, MD), and the International Festival of Women in the Arts (Glasgow, Scotland) among others. She will be showing photographs and paintings based on her own and Dan Van Allen's photographs.

opening Friday, June 24th
6 pm-midnight with performances: Mermaid Parade slideshow 1992-2004, Amanda Pollock y los Reyes del Sol ,Lilly and the Baby
closing Friday, August 5, 2005
6pm-midnight w/slideshow of 2005 parade

"Phoenix Rising" Amalie Rothschild Gallery at Creative Alliance, Baltimore, MD Jan 26 - Feb 5

"Project Yourself" Baltimore Museum of Art, Baltimore, MD February

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Minas Gallery

February 6 -April 4, 2005

opening reception 7-10 p.m. Friday Feb. 11

815 W. 36th St. Baltimore 410-732-4258

Located on the Avenue in hon-friendly Hampden, the Minas Gallery seems just the place for an exhibit of paintings of poodles. Artist Spoon Popkin based these images on dog photos she found at flea markets, then used retro-looking faded shades of gray, pink, and blue for her airbrush-on-linoleum paintings. Lest you think her artwork has gone to the dogs, she also has a series of tightly cropped and assertively colored human portraits done in a more conventional oil on canvas format. It'll be interesting to see how well these different species get along on the same gallery walls. By Mike Giuliano