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sissy maid Training

The most important thing a sissy maid must do is curtsy. Curtsying shows both respect and humility. It is also important because it shows submission and an acceptance of the sissy maid's role and position. Every sissy maid must know how to properly curtsy so that she may better serve her Mistress.

Below are the 5 steps of the curtsy:

Click here to see a demonstration of the curtsy.
(Right click on here and select open in a new window. Takes awhile to fully load, but sissy maids must learn patience!)

Serving properly is a very important thing to know for any of us sissy maids. When Mistress wants Her breakfast served to Her in bed, or when She is having over Her friends for dinner, how do you properly serve? The proper way to serve is of course to do it with a smile on your face and make sure that you bend over at the waist only. As you bend, push your sissy ass up into the air a little more than normal. A sissy maid who knows how to serve properly will be able to better impress the Mistress and Her friends with her skills.

Click here to see a demonstration of how to properly set a table.

Another very important thing for all sissy maids is posture. No Mistress would want a maid who does not sit and stand and mince like a sissy. My Mistress has gone out of Her way at times to teach me how to do these things properly. I've divided them into smaller sections so that it will be easy to find which you need to refer to.

A sissy maid must always serve in a manner that is submissive and obedient. As many of us maids have found out, not doing that can get us punished, and no maid wants to be punished. Therefore you must strive to please your Mistress, no matter what she asks of you. One time my Mistress told me that i should always be smiling, because She thinks that my smile is lovely. She said that every sissy maid should be cheery and happy while at service. It was very hard for me to constantly smile, but i did, and my Mistress tells me that she made me smile for 10 hours straight. There is always a lesson to be learned in my punishments, and this lesson is one i will never forget. A sissy maid should always be obedient to her Mistress, but she should also always be cheery and have a happy disposition. Serving Mistress is to be considered an honor, and us maids should be happy to be in service. Remember maids, serve obediently with a cheery smile!

Do you have any training tips or things you would like to see in this section? If you do just email them to me with the subject heading: Training.