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Clean Sweep
The Further Adventures of Clive, the Leather Hairdresser

Believe me, you don't want anyone but Clive anywhere near you with this thing.

The path of True Love is never smooth.

That goes double if you're an underage boy in love with a rampanatly sexual Dominant who just happens to run a hair salon.

Trenton Vittelli meets Clive when he is only fourteen, just beginning to awaken to his own sexuality. Love at first sight, at least on Trenton's part. Clive isn't exacty uninterested, but his scruples are toughter than the leather he wears, and he won't touch the boy till he's of age.

In the meantime, Clive encourages Trenton to explore the world, and life. On a trip to Paris, there are some very unpleasant results.

Will Trenton and Clive finally find true happiness? As Clive would say:

"Good God, Precious, I'm not going to tell you! Read the damn thing."

Clive first appeared in Career Girl Blues

Clean Sweep Contents
Clive said to tell you to write.  I'd listen, if I were you.