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Amazing! Its been almost a YEAR since i last updated. Anyways, I made an
Info page,
Fun Page
and an
OOPS page
so you're not taken back to the main page when you click on a link that is
under construction. don't forget to sign the guest book! Please! Love you!

Feb:01:02 ~
Hey, I added the
and i'm going to work on the site more today. Check aound! :)
Hey, made a
Sailor Jupiter pic. page
Hi!!!!!! I added a
Sailor Mars picture page,
LINK ME page, and umm i think thats it. Still working on
making graphics for the graphics page, be patient! not all the links
work yet. :) TTYL!

Hey people, guess what? i put up the
Picture index, along with the Sailor
Moon and Sailor Venus pages. More to come later today.
Hey again, I sorta been workin on the site again. I've been workin on my graphics so i will have the
GRAPHICS section up soon! I also made the
"About Me " page, so check it!
Jan/25/02 :
Hey people! This is my new Sailor Moon web site! i hope you enjoy it.
Nothing is working yet, because i have been working on graphics and other things,
like layout setup etc. So enjoy whats here and come back soon!!