Tart's Erotica Pages

Welcome Y'all to my erotic story pages. First off, this site is intended for adults only and those interested in erotic reading material. Now, if you have someohow gotten this page and you are NOT 18 GET OUT NOW !!!!!!!!!!!! This is not for minors or for anyone too repressed or whatever to enjoy a good fantasy. I can not be held responsible for who comes in here. Remember this is FANTASY ONLY. I do not condone some of the things in my stories, nor do I ever want to hear that you acted on what you read. FANTASY remains FANTASY. None of the stories may not be reproduced without consent from the author.

If you're not over 18, why don't you check out my Out Pages or PBS online for minor friendly stuff and things to do :-)

If you have a decent blocker or web filter on your computer this site will not be displayed through it. I know this, I already checked a few out :-) Possibly some day in the future I'll add a link to some reputable ones.

This so far is a collection of fictional erotic stories written by me but I am always looking for submissions so if you'd like to submit something, you should first check out the Rules page for what I am looking for then find a link anywheres to mail it to me. You will of course recieve full credit and trademark and copywright information so that YOUR stories remain YOUR stories. If you ARE however of age and are looking for a good read, Click on the button below to enter :-) Have Fun and Happy Reading !!