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††††††††††† There are a vast array or punishments for the disobedient sissy. Itís up to the Mistress's discretion as to how punishment should be dealt and to just how memorable it will be.


Considerations for Punishments


  1. Telling off
  2. Spanking (w/ bare hand)
  3. Spanking (w/ object; hairbrush, shoe, ect.)
  4. Whipping*
  5. Caning
  6. Flogging
  7. Chastity
  8. Bondage
  9. Ball gag
  10. Butt plug
  11. Locking high heels
  12. Severely high heels
  13. Locking uniform
  14. Shortened uniform
  15. Tight corset
  16. Dunce hat or sign to show disobedience
  17. Standing in a corner (can be used after spanking with sissy displaying herself)
  18. Branding / tattooing*
  19. Body modifications*
  20. Going out in public in uniform (can be devastatingly humiliating to trainees or newly trained sissy maids)
  21. Masks
  22. Made to wear little girl clothes
  23. Diapers
  24. Enema
  25. Posing as a mannequin (even more humiliating if in front of a large window)
  26. Dildo punishment
  27. Mistressís imagination


* indicates a form of extreme punishment


Please remember to be safe, sane, and educated in the use of punishment items or ideas.We assume no responsibility for the use of these ideas.



Considerations for Creative Punishment


  1. Dusting / cleaning the same object for hours.
  2. Being the urinal for Mistress and Her guests.
  3. Writing an essay.
  4. Being made to smile for hours(stopping is considered a disobedience).
  5. Made to learn a recital or performance to put on for Mistressís guests.


Whatever the disobedience, it is the Mistress discretion which determines the punishment.A sissy maid should always be accepting of her punishments and thankful for her correction.††