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and welcome to my Manics bootleg site. 
After those hard-to-find b-sides and early singles? Looking for live gigs and radio sessions?
Then you've come to the right place!

I'm mainly interesting in trading but if you have nothing to trade don't worry! Just get in touch with me and we'll sort something out.

NOTE: I do not make any profit from this website.

If you're interested, you can contact me at the following email address:

(Last update, 21-3-04: new live gigs, including the Move Festival, Manchester; Witnness Festival, Ireland; and Glastonbury Festival 2003. Also please note videos will now not be available until after September 2004... sorry! I'm doing my Masters Degree).

Live Gigs

B-Sides / Rarities

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Trading / Disclaimer

Wanted List!!!

*** Gorgeous poverty of created needs *** We are not your sinners, our voices are for real *** We won't die of devotion, understand we can never belong *** Love your masks and adore your failure *** Killed of literature for sex and violence, fed a generation the equivalent of silence *** The only thing you gave me was the boredom I suffocated in *** Twenty-one years of living and nothing means anything to me *** No one knows the hell where innocence dies *** There's nothing nice in my head, the adult-world took it all away *** Everyday more numb to agony - this the howl, this the sigh of the lonely *** Loser - liar - fake - phoney - no one cares, everyone is guilty *** Virgin? Listen, all virgins are liars, honey *** Everyone I've loved or hated always seems to leave *** Self-disgust is self-obsession, honey, and I do as I please *** I am all the things that you regret *** Do not listen to a word I say, just listen to what I can keep silent *** There is never redemption, any fool can regret yesterday *** Believe in tomorrow, but not today *** What makes you different makes you beauitful *** I am here to serve the moral majority *** We are told that this is the end *** I don't know what I'm scared of or what I even enjoy *** Put some lipstick on, at least your lies will be pretty *** Prison? It's only four walls but sometimes the mind is the smallest prison of all *** Hold me, she said, love me to death *** It makes me angry, ashamed but really alive. It may have worked but at what price? *** The future teaches you to be alone, the present to be afraid and cold ***


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