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my friends and i

these are basically in order from the oldest pics to the newest pics.

Reia, Shortie, and I at a football game in 9th grade, 1999-2000.

Cassie and I at the picture booth in the mall, acting crazy like always.

Angela and I at my New Years party for the millenium.

Shortie and I at the same New Years party.

Shortie and I again, at the same party.

Me, trying to look happy for the camera.

Me, taking one of those horrid morning pics.

Me, sitting on Shortie's bed, acting the fool that I am.

My Mom wanted a pic of Shortie and I together, when we were best of friends.

Me and my Grandpop.

I loved that shirt, so i had to take a pic. :D

Myself, bored one night.

same night, still bored.

Homecoming. October, 2001.

Okay, these are my pics.
Think what you want, but don't tell me anything unless it's something good.
You may think i'm ugly, don't tell me.
I'm tired of hearing people talk shit to me. :P