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well, it's been a while since i've chilled with you, let alone talk to you.
from your recent pics, i see you got your labret pierced, it's cute. you've changed lol.
we'll have to get up and chill sometime, it's been so long.
well i hope you and Randy and Skye are doing alright, have fun.<3 :D

ok, i can say we've chilled at least once, i can't remember if we did any other time.
we're not all that good of friends, but i still got mad love for you.
maybe i'll get up there one day, or you'll come visit me down here. :D
pz girl.<3

my short buddy! :P
i won't ever forget when i first met you.
i had NO idea that you were even short, lol.
you're such a cutie tho.
take good care of my girl Dayna, you two are definetly cute together :D
good luck, hope you two stay together for a long time.
mad love.<3