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La Nes Creche

november 6-I have updated once more! Now see the testimony to see how much the lovely Antoine is beloved!
november 4-I have update for you, as it seeM! In this update in the ever popular la nes creche, I have added a link to a new noteworthy site I have found, Royal Ragnor's nes! It is very good, I highly recommend,but they seem to have some influences from me(observe the dancing poultry) Oh well, magnificance is not a thing we can all have. Additionally, I have added a new section for logging, on nes chat, so do not be afraid to see me come in sometime to discuss things with you! Yes, the great Antoine may meet you all! Finally, there is a link to a picutre of the loving fellow error! Click on the link!

october 20-ah, time move swiftly, no? it already several days gone by, and, not wishing to dis-appoint, your good sir Antoine has updated once more! I have seen a movie before by the name of la wizard from my home country, and i think it good, section for la nes creche! also, have added two new pictures to the pictures section. i update again!

october 17-i update again! sorry for no news, loyal fans, but i been in the french foreign legion and have met a manfriend. i think he better then any of you, you no pleasure the antoine. to learn of me, i have made new page, as well as something i worked on in the legion. enjoy, loyal sycophants!

febrary seem i be the but of a joke, no? I learn that tnac replace picthure of their site wiht something...not right? well, for that, mr.sappy, I remove you from my links. good day!

febuary 7-big update is today. I added many pictures on the site for your enjoyment.

february 5-I added an image to the pictures, it should work, if not, tell me, I do not know much about html. or english. I hate speaking in english. it is no like french, no? why should quebec people speak it? I for you, quebec,you deserve independance.

february 2-100 hit! 100 hit! I did it! But it could be better. It took forever to reach this total, come on, fans, you say you like nes? Prove me. p.s., don't be an ass, sign my guestbook! and I want letters, e-mail, people,

january 29-over 60 hits! Success! as for updates, I added this now.
additionally, I recently receieved two emails from a mr.spanky and a lanny cox. you don't like my site, do you? well, I don't care, you sniveling twits! la nes creche, is SUPREME!

welcome, my beautiful nes virgins, I am Antoine, the acclaimed master of everything nes, and my skills are unmatched. Take a look around, this is the greatest nes site ever! No rom-users, please, or I shall have to spank you!
Hoo Hoo!


what is a nes
the chicken! the chicken DANCE!
who is the mysterious romantic devil, antoine?
La Wizard
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