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[[Mike, Daniel, Sam, Solomon]]

[[Lazy asses needed a break]]

[[Can't pass up lunch...1 hour lunch..LOL]]

[[Daniel jus sat down from draining his DRAGON..das why he smilin']]

[[Aww shucks! I wish this was a naked pic..LMAO]]





[[Sam ste mad cause he couldn't find his stick]]

[[Passed Out!]]

[[I dunno what Daniel was taking picture of]]

[[Da human scratch pepa]]

[[Chat Addicts]]

[[Shawn & Pua]]

[[Ready to go home sleep]]

[[Happy Mother's Day Hike - None of us are mothers and I'm sure we didn't do this for our mothers either...LMAO]]

[[Last one fo da road!]]

[[Pua & Shawn just coming up]]

[[Another clip...too bad no one fell coming down =P]]