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50 Facts about Jen Garrett

  1. No one calls me Jenny unless they are a blood relation.
  2. I name my cars. Currently, I'm cruising with Athena, whom I still occasionally call Venus.
  3. I hate coconut, peppers, and mushrooms. Mushrooms are fungus, people! Don't be fooled.
  4. I've never left the continental US, but I dream about vacations in Spain.
  5. My favorite states are Massachusetts, Ohio, and Washington. California is falling into the ocean, so it's not even an honorable mention.
  6. I can be a little tiny itty-bitty bit anal about grammar and punctuation. Just a little bit.
  7. I steal all my best lines from movies.
  8. My favorite doll when I was 5 years old was an official "My Friend Jenny" doll.
  9. According to my former boss, I'm "slightly abrasive."
  10. I love old movies. My Man Godfrey and It Happened One Night are the best. Okay, and Notorious, too.
  11. I was born in Toledo, Ohio. So was Katie Holmes.
  12. I've been interviewing people as a pastime and profession for over 10 years, and I still get nervous before interviews.
  13. My favorite fruit is the green apple.
  14. I lust after red leather -- red leather shoes, purses, pants -- you name it, I want it.
  15. I've worn glasses since I was 12. I refuse to wear contacts.
  16. My first job was at O'Connor True Value Hardware. It was a love/hate relationship.
  17. I live with two kids and two dogs. And one J.R.
  18. Fall is my favorite season.
  19. I'm a Sagittarius on the Capricorn cusp.
  20. ee cummings and Theodore Roethke are my favorite poets.
  21. I don't like breakfast in the morning.
  22. I majored in English and Spanish in college.
  23. I was the sports editor for my college newspaper.
  24. The Tennessee Lady Vols is my team.
  25. I have three sisters -- two older, one younger.
  26. My watches have only Roman numerals or just lines on the face -- never actual numbers.
  27. My first bike was pink and had the Fonz on it.
  28. I hate putting information about myself on the web but feel compelled to anyway.
  29. The Dixon Ticonderoga soft #2 is my favorite pencil.
  30. Before I started drinking the Dew, root beer was my favorite soda.
  31. I like to make lists.
  32. I want to write a novel.
  33. I love to bowl.
  34. I can't sing.
  35. I've always lived with a dog (except for dorm-living in college).
  36. My favorite M&M is the light brown one. They don't make it anymore.
  37. My dream wardrobe consists of Levi's, tees, and Nikes or Doc Martens.
  38. I lived in Maine for one year. I hated it.
  39. I know more Barbra Streisand lyrics than any self-respecting woman my age should.
  40. I don't like to drink out of plastic cups.
  41. I love Barbies.
  42. My Melissa Etheridge collection sits next to all my Eminem CDs.
  43. I love Macs. I'm currently using a 15-inch MacBookPro.
  44. I love to play Scrabble, but I never win.
  45. Jodie Foster is my favorite actress. And I've got a thing for Sandy Bullock.
  46. I prefer photographs to paintings.
  47. I have a small mouth but a lot of opinions.
  48. My eyebrows are my favorite feature.
  49. I keep a copy of everything I write so I can look back in shame.
  50. I wrote my first poem in the third grade. No, I will not put it on the web.

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