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Sunday, January 10    

I knew we didn't have the greatest team this year. Tommy was still recovering, our defense was porous, and our running game was inconsistent. And we lost Welker last week. However, I did not expect this. And while it was painful to watch (and yes, I sat through the whole thing), I was not surprised. (Okay, after the first quarter, I wasn't surprised.) We didn't have it this year. At least we didn't have to lose to the Colts or the Chargers in the playoffs -- by exiting today, we saved ourselves that misery.

It's time to move on, repair Welker's knee and then encase it in bubble wrap, and kill 'em next year. Until then, I say: Spring training is just around the corner. Now, why the fuck did Epstein sign Beltre for $9M?

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