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Tuesday, January 26    

One down, many to go
So, I'm not missing my commute anymore, as I'm hitting the 5 pretty regularly now, what with my new job and all. It's at a top-secret internet start-up in downtown Seattle, where I perform highly classified tasks. (Not really secret, and I mostly edit content, you know, like I do.) The job came just in time, as I received many CDs for Christmas/birthday presents, and really, the best place to listen to music uninterrupted is when you're driving. Or, you know, sitting in traffic on the 5. Bygones. The point is, New Year's resolution number one is down! Checkmark that bitch! Sure, the new downtown location has placed me inconveniently next to a Whole Foods cafe and of course, now I have no time to exercise or cook (no! time!), so the whole "reduce fat ass" thing is not progressing as well. And in case you're wondering, I'm totally going to use the job as an excuse for any lapses in blogging, too. Suckers!

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