This is Me - What did you expect fireworks??

This is me, in all of my glory... ok so not all of my glory, but a small piece of it at least.
OK you should know me by one of these names, and if you don't then by all means gimme a hollar and remind me. I probably just tried to blank it out. ;) Any way these pages that are linked here, are some of my writings... some of my thoughts... some of my page dedications, and just some things I like.. so enjoy or run screaming.. whatever you prefer.
peace, love ya'll. guinessgyrl. =)

So how do you know me? What nickname have you known me by? Let's see if it falls into these catagories... If you don't know me by one of these names then you may be at the wrong site...


Stuff I Write... Warning... It's bad, but honest
Danielle- Don't go here unless you know me well
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Clubs, Bars, Entertainment, and GBTL meetings
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