Note:These are CDs currently in heavy rotation at the Gloedenhut

Katy Lied- Steely Dan
Sophisticated stuff for 1975. I can't get "Everyone's going to the movies" out of my head. How can a song about a pedophile be so damn catchy?

His Band and the Street Choir- Van Morrison
You'll be my Queen/ I'll be your King/ and I'll be your Lover too... Promise?

Lost Souls- Doves
Very nice. The best of the "shoegazer" 90s without the boring guitar noodling and psychedelic overdoses.

Equal Rights - Peter Tosh
He was right up there with Bob Marley. But he didn't have the staying power. No matter, he's hypnotic and sharp.

The Very Best of Todd Rundgren- Todd Rundgren
Can't stand greatest hits packages but this one makes it so convenient to hear my favorite Todd cuts, so I end up listening to it a lot.

Come with Us- The Chemical Brothers
Hated it when I first got it, but it's grown on me after not listening to it for a while

Night Food- Heptones
Delicious lover's rock and reggae. "Country Boy", "Book of Rules" and their cover of "Baby I need your loving" make it worth the price.

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - Elton John
Can't help myself.
Elton: "Gonna tell the world you're a dirty little girl"
Gloeden:Dammit Elton, I can't help it

Post- Bjork
Gotta love her. She always reminds me to take risks.

Young Americans- David Bowie
You're walking down the street, minding your own business. Suddenly, a lavender Cadillac pulls up alongside you. The tinted window rolls down and it's Soulboy Dave beckoning to you from his lepoardskin upholstery. You get in and minutes later you're in his bachelor pad, on his round waterbed and he's crooning...
"Can you hear me? Can you feel me inside?"
Yes David, I think I can.

Layla- Derek & The Dominos
I love Eric Clapton. Even some of his later 80s dreck is alright. But this represents a real high. The prescence of the Delaney & Bonnie backing band (stolen away when Eric toured with that group) and Duane Allmann gives it a real punch that even the constant overplaying of the title track can't kill. At least for me.

Subtle Body- Arto Lindsay
Heard of him for ages, finally hearing him now. Very nice use of Brazilian musical idiom. Not bad lyrics. I think this is going to grow on me nicely.

Sweetheart of the Rodeo The Byrds
I happen to be a fan of both the Byrds and Gram Parsons, so this is a treat. I can't believe it took me so long to own or at least hear this. "Blue Canadian Rockies" and "100 years" are special favorites right now.

Gilles Peterson-INCredible
Delicious house and jazz selections. Apparently this collection started life as a 2-cd set in Europe. So of course they shortchange us Yanks. He's not the best DJ or mixer in the world, but his taste is right on track.

Bodily Functions- Herbert
Very wonderful release from a hugely talented artist. His conceit on this release was to use organic sounds sampled from the human body and then rendered into a stylish mix of deep house and jazz.

Aladdin Sane- David Bowie
Yummy, glitzy, glammy. "Jean Genie" and "Watch that Man" alone could keep me hard for days.

Station To Station-David Bowie
6 perfect cuts from the man I used to love. Everytime I would look at that album cover when I was a wee Gloeden, watching him step through that portal seemed the very essence of what was modern. And listening to this cocaine-fueled collection still feels as then.

Global Underground:London- Danny Tenaglia
Delicious house mixes. His mix of "Cascades of Colours" (found below on Ananda Project's "Release") alone makes this worth having. But I find that I can't get off CD1...

Kittenz & Thee Glitz- Felix Da Housecat
This shit kills me. Eighties synth new wave made in the 21st century without almost any changes (if you don't believe me, go listen to "Speak and Spell" by Depeche Mode or better yet the song "The Dominatrix sleeps tonight" and all will be revealed). If only it had come out in 1982 and made a young Gloeden happy! But still a fun thing to listen to and ultra-trendy.

Release- Ananda Project
Delicious house music intelligently rendered. I listen to this a lot lately.

Frantic-Bryan Ferry
i'm a big fan of Roxy Music and Bryan Ferry's solo work. This is very good. He does fantastic covers of Bob Dylan and song like "Godess" show more musical teeth than his previous couple of releases.

Super Hits-The Isley Brothers I generally dislike compilations/greatest hits packages because nothing is any sort of chronological or thematic order. So one gets no sense of how a group is progressing or where they were artistically in a particular period. That being said, groups like the Isley Bros. have tons of packages on the market but very little of the original albums they cull their greatest hits material from. My interest in them is generally from about 1969-1975 and just try to find an album of theirs from that period without trouble. If anyone can help me with that, great! But with songs like "Who loves you better?", this is one of my faves.

Tupelo Honey-Van Morrison
Van goes country like only a Celtic Soulbrother can.

Fever-Kylie Minogue
This rules.
Kraftwerk meets Disco.
Lyrics fit only for 14 year old girls or adult homosexual men.
In other words, I've been listening to it everyday this summer.

And I am not ashamed. But it kind of loses gas after 7 tracks.

Astral Weeks-Van Morrison
Unbelievably moving. I try not to listen to it too often because I don't want it to become routine. The only thing that even comes close is next.

Dusty in Memphis-Dusty Springfield
The original 11 tracks are perfection. An unparelled voice with a sublime arrangement. It is from the 60's and the prescence of sitars and strings make that clear. But still a treat that I always enjoy.

Tropicália 2-Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil
This man is a demi-god! And his partner in perfect crime on this selection is no slouch either. The beauty of Tropicalismo (and both these men are the godfathers of that movement) is how it mixes emotional truth, transnational musical styles, political dissent, and delicate lyricism. Consider these lines:

A tristeza é senhora
Desde que o samba é samba é assim
A lágrima clara sobre a pele escura
a noite e a chuva que cai lá fora
Solidão apavora
tudo demorando em ser tão ruim
Mas alguma coisa acontece
no quando agora em mim
Cantando eu mando a tristeza embora
Sadness is a Mistress
ever since Samba has been Samba it's been so
The clear bright tear on dark skin
the night the rain that falls outside
Solitude terrifies
Everything taking so long in being wrong
But something happens in the ever now in me
Singing I send the Sadness away