Friday, December 05, 2003
another week is passing into his(her?)story.
A lousy-assed presentation done by yours-truly and two foreigners (Greek actually). We were unprepared though well-researched. We'll probably do very well grade-wise.
Anywho...I am now about to seriously start searching for a Phd. program as I hate the place I'm at. Besides being low on the academic totempole so to speak, it boasts a crew of uninterested and uninteresting professors, students, and staff members. Mind you, it has served my purposes nicely. But I am rapidly in fear of actually taking a degree from this place.
Full disclosure: I only went to this place because a.)they are known for their heterodox program--one of the few in America--and at one time had a great rep for this. They still retain some of the old leftists in the econ department. But this department has been decimated, subsumed by another deapartment, and pretty much left for dead. and b.) the one professor I wanted to work with (who I ended up working with before he went on "sabbatical"(to teach at a much better known and rated university!) has left. And c)they have an open admission policy (in keeping with the formerly leftist bent) meaning if you have the intellectual curiosity they will take you has long as you have the requisite grades. None of that fucking about with GREs, recommendations or other elitist barriers to academia.
However, this very openess, formerly leftist bent, and heterodoxy means they are not taken seriously by ratings associations (like US News) and are outside the generally neoclassical mainstream.
I have no wish to be outside the mainstream as I intend to make my living there.
I wanted to broaden my education and not be "pipelined' into a way of thinking (e.g. the cult-style pedagogy of University of Chicago which is so well known it's a joke amongst economists).
But I had every intention of returning to the tried-and-true eventually.
I think that time has come.
I am all about policy and empiricism. I enjoy theory and maybe one day aspire to add my own contribution. But I have no interest in being a leftist martyr or marginalized academic.
So, I'll have to gird my loins for the GRE and start preparing for the next battle into a different program.
Not to mention the fact I really want to do something creative (in a non-academic way) again. I miss the time I spent working on the "Skin Project". I really need to come up with some new designs, or write a new piece for performance. As I've said before, I'd love to do film, but have no patience, money, or script. So I'll return to some things I've done before.
I'd almost like to put together a revue with semi-talented pretentious folks doing popular songs in performances meant to illuminate some offhand emotionality only slightly intended by the lyrics of the song.
I watched "Possession" tonight. Yeech.
I mean, I read the book ages ago when it first came out, so I barely remember it. But the film was so nothing. Can't really stand Paltrow anyway. And Aaron Eckhart, while studly in a solid American way, suggests none of the intellectualism of his character.'s just a piece of Hollywood trash (with a commentary track by the director who almost seems to be defending/aplogizing for his bowlderizing of the novel).
I bought TEN cds yesterday at nice dirtcheap prices. All old stuff. I'm becoming Totally 80s.
In the space of less that a year, I've managed to buy tons of stuff from the 1982/83 period. I'm gonna stop because I've always hated friends of mine who only seem to listen/buy stuff from the 80s. The only reason I'm doing it(funny how I seem to need to explain myself over something so obsessed am I with my own idea of myself?) is because I bought tons of 70s stuff in the 90s without guilt.

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