Tuesday, August 26, 2003
Gee, long time no nuthin'.
Short and sweet:
Got some nice new stuff for my resume. Finished the project with the Prof. on Institutionalism in Africa. Still working on budget project (I can't seem to finish the damn thing) and the real estate project is still moving along.
New people: Ohio girl and a girl I shall refer to as Alice B. (as in Toklas).
Trying to get it together body-wise. Working out and moving forward!
Some days I feel at loose ends and other days not so bad.
I have to figure out how not to be so boring. Hee hee...
Listening to: From Detroit to St. Germain-Ludovic Navarre, Dutty Rock-Sean Paul, Ms. Dynamite, lots o' Sade and Bowie!

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