Tuesday, January 14, 2003
what is it with all these movies about all these goddamned second-raters?
first, fuckin' Andy Kaufmann's dull fuckin' life. Now fuckin' Chuck Barris?!? Fuck them and fuck you if you like this ass-rapingly bad shit homage to medi-fuckin-ocrity.
I don't care if some cult comic has managed to give every rock star fuck (yes, Michael Stipe, you!) a hard on when they remember some oh-so-clever shit said comic did in 19-fuckin'-78. That does not mean we should be forced to watch Jim Carrey "act" out the vegetarian smart-ass's life on the big screen. Fuck Jim Carrey.
Aurore and I are working away on the project. I like when we talk. I have a tendency to go on tangents but she's cool about it. And I'm impressed by her discretion about mutual friends (or maybe it's just with me...). Did some writing last Sat. and shopping last Thurs. for said project. Also an idea for some tee-shirts that should be tres cool.
Started work at the Institute (I mean interning--the things I do to try and get a fuckin' rep). It's okay and i'm being given a lot of room, which i like. The funny thing is Kathy ran after me and was all like ,"Is everything okay" when I was on my way out after "work". I was all like ," Yeah, wha...?" And she told me that the last guy they had work on a project just kind of sat there all confused and dazed like and left never to return. So she wanted to be sure I was okay and not confused and dazed. Too funny!
More movies:
Riffifi-rules! best heist movie and very influential
Bob Le Flambeur-kinda sucked. very stylish though and great views of Montmatre in the 60s.
Amic/amat-major suck. couldn't wait to hit the fast forward. "in the style of Almodovar" my ass.
Satyagraha-nice, good soundtrack, slept through whole passages though...
L'Enfant du Paradis-still watching it
And many others I'm forgetting cuz they probably sucked.
Gotta get laid, gotta get laid...

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