Saturday, January 04, 2003
oh, and i totally forgot about my nights out with LaLinda:
1)karaoke night at Jackhammer involving lots of vodka and LaLinda, myself and some unknown female singing "don't go breaking my heart" extremely badly. LaLinda can be so faggy and yet sings in a baritone while I speak in a bass and yet sing like a breathy Dusty Springfield on bad quaaludes. What the fuck is up with that? He was pushing me to do it. i said i'm not an exhibitionist. he said, yes you are, now DO IT! he's very bossy and not at all the bottom he comes off like. after a dozen drinks i was READY! now i can say i did it and never have to do it again...
2) stripper night at the same bar. this happened after we spent the day getting haircuts (mine finally came out like i wanted it thanks to a patient and observant barber gal at Supercuts who respected my hair instead of treating like the white girls at the downtown branch who act like their shearing sheep instead giving a haircut. this latina was well tipped for her trouble!) and i got a new tatoo (which i'd been thinking about for the past couple of years, standard operating procedure for me and permanent, unalterable skin decisions). he didn't want to go anyplace i thought might be cool (cocktail, roscoe's etc.)and we ended up first at cellblock (yawn, it took a load of coca-cola to get me awake!) but at least their were a couple of cute guys playing pool and the porn was decent. then off to jackhammer where we were bored but eventually entertained by the HOT dancers. I usually don't care for strippers but these guys were tasty. LaLinda knew them because they also work at his bar and he filled me in on salacious stories involving these guys and their "fluffers". Personally, I would be willing to give handjobs to one and all if it helped.
Later, we got pointers on drag from the emcee drag queen m, who it turns out is from Trinidad and as the usual sad drag queen stories. But what the fuck, it's better than being bored by the faggots around us who thought their shit don't stink while they sit in a 4th rate club. Oh well..
Bruno isn't there anymore and we wonder why...
Later we had breakfast at Standee's and argued about theology. Boy, a couple of cokes and I'll go on about anything. Still it was fun and reminded me why I like LaLinda's company so much when we go out.

new year's was no big deal. i drank a bit, listened to gunfire at midnight and generally didn't give a damn.
i got the grades i expected (i'm such a good boy!) and was shocked, SHOCKED by the high score given my paper in Public Admin. I thought it was a half assed effort but apparently I'm better than I thought...did better on the trig than I thought(cos I totally skipped the take-home part of the final in order to finish my papers for the other classes).
Hopefully i'll start doing some research volunteer work with the IMA in a week or so. So much of the explorations i want to do in my own project seem to have already been done, so i'm really trying to find something unique or at the very least interesting to write about for my thesis project. I have to keep telling myself that this is a process that isn't going to be finished in a week or two but still i get freaked out by the work i feel i haven't done.
Aurore and I bought some material for our project but still have work to do (if we can ever get together!) and i'm trying not to get butterflies over the prospect of a public performance.
I'm making some changes in the '03 but don't want to go into it until definite decisions have been made.
Still watching movies like crazy.
Saw "Rififi" last night and watching "Roma" today. Very Very good stuff! "Rififi" seems to be the template used by every heist film since it came out. Got some more books in the discard room of the library and am trying to finish "Consilience" which proposes an interdisciplinary exploration of human existence. Good stuff, but the guy who wrote it is a biologist and tends to concentrate on that discipline. but i'm looking forward to reading the social science chapters.
Listening to: "music kills me"-rinocerose, "lexicon of love"-abc, "beautiful tomorrow"-blue six,"homelands 2002 preview"-dirty vegas mix,"back to basics"-danny tenaglia

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