Saturday, November 30, 2002
I am currently getting buzzed with some vodka on the rocks and listening to Gainsbourg.
Just found out that the song "Sensuelle et sans suite" is about he and his mistress of the moment passing gas during intercourse. "Ca fait craque, ca fait pfffft!"
Apparently the English musicians he had backing him on the "Vu de l'exterieur" album had no idea what he was going on about. The whole album is scatalogical which was an obsession of his. Love it, love it.

Thursday, November 28, 2002
turkey day, turkey day...
one of my neighbors, one of the only ones that i or anyone else in my familia can stand, was found dead in her house after not being seen for a couple of days. She introduced my brother to his fiancee and was always a stalwart on the block. I'll miss her.
nothing else really going on. I've not gone to class this week (really only mon. and tues. cos the rest of the week given over to thanksgiving holiday). But i'm endeavoring to keep up with the slew of reading i've been somewhat avoiding.
saw Aurore last week for a chat. went to Rain Dog near school and didn't order a thing, yet the staff didn't bother us. I like that.
we're going to do some design stuff together. it'll be nice i hope.
i have to call T.S. (if I can find her number) about going out next week.
wow, this is really interesting....
though i have to say, the turkey was really good this year. tender and yummy. Daddo is getting good at cooking in his old age. unfortunately i can't stop obsessing about his death. calling dr. freud. or maybe dr. bombay.
Listening to: Steely dan-"Katy Lied", Abba-"The Album"

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