Saturday, October 19, 2002
Just watching White Stripes on Sat. Night Live.
Even when Jack White sings like a retard they still rule so hard! Why oh why didn't I go see these bitches when they were in town last year at the Double Door? Cos I'm stupid, that's why.
I always manage to miss any band I really like. In the 90s, I managed to miss seeing Jane's Addiction every time they played Chicago: 1)They were at Metro, I was supposed to go with English Rose and some of her college radio friends. I didn't buy the $6 tickets early cos I mistakenly believed nobody heard of them(Jane's Addiction) yet. I underestimated the power of buzz and spent the evening outside, talking to their roadie who was either trying to chat me up or score drugs off me. 2)I bought tickets for the first Lollapallozza, then English Rose bowed out, and I wasn't sure how I'd get to and from Rosemont,so I didn't go. I still have the ticket. 3)Their last shows ever happened. I just couldn't work up the enthusiasm. 4) The Renunion tour starting in Coachella at the Festival. As with the first Lollapallozza, I was afraid to go alone and thus got to miss not only Jane's but Bjork too.
I watched Christina Aguilera on MTV today. Skank is too light of a word. What the hell is she doing? And why is MTV so happy to sit back and film her in N.Y. bars (not drinking mind you) all underage like she is? I know it's a reality that underage kids go to bars (Ahem...)but goddammit why make it so damn cool. Trust me, every underage chick I ever knew when I was going out all underage myself did nothing but get their fool asses into some sort of pregnancy/gynelogical mishap/STD trouble from hanging out. Nobody ever learns nothin'
I'm just about finished with my second paper for my Blk. Chgo. course, now I just have to do my Policy paper (gak!) and work on the presentation paper (akk!)
Gotta call or email Aurore...
Listening to: Since I left you-Avalanches, Playgroup-Playgroup, The Harder they come Soundtrack-various artists, Manifesto-Roxy Music

Monday, October 14, 2002
Went last Tues. with Aurore to an art show downtown. It was in a former men's store next to the Chicago Theater. The photos were shown in the store which was not completely renovated and still retained some of its fixtures and the three-sided mirrors. Some of the work was quite good. I particulary wanted to buy a small work of a young hispanic boxer. $150!
But I may still buy it. Aurore had worked with the group who put the show on. They provide art classes to youths and the works on display were for their benefit. We both thought it strange that the few works by the kids were hung near the food tables and hard to access. One of them, by a young Arab girl, was stunning. And the high price showed that though they may not have completely respected the work, they certainly saw its value. Then we went back to Aurore's place were I picked up my drawings and found a couple more I wanted. She was surprised I asked her to sign her work as this goes against her artistic tendencies. But I am as I am.
Then we went to an open mic night at the Lincoln Park DePaul campus. Her friend (and the model for the drawings now in my possesion) was there with her "boyfriend", a female-to-male wannabe named "Max". This person("he")didn't say much but I think this was shyness. some of the poets were great. But spoken word tires me. It's all in the same fashion: spoken at top speed and volume, usually with touches of hip-hop cadence and delivery. And always the same overweening emphasis on race, gender and sexuality. Everybody's pissed off and always about the same things.
I was wearing new shoes that I'd bought a couple of years ago. Why I decided to break them in that day I'll never know (they are smart looking though). When I was in class (it was a tues.) I went out to the restroom a couple of times to stuff the shoes' bottoms and the back of my socks with paper to soften the tearing from the new leather. Such pain! I could barely walk by the time Aurore dropped me off.
Last Fri., Aurore came with her friend Karen and picked me up to go to a show in the Pullman district. Cleverly called "Push Pull" it was in a home on the Pullman historic home tour. The owner was JB Daniel, who's house, possesions, art and body I lusted after. The works shown were mainly conceptual and a couple were very nice. The house itself(JB gave us a tour after everyone left) was beautifully painted in greys and whites and sparingly laid out. JB said I should go on the homes tour and I meant to with Aurore that weekend, but cancelled because I really had to catch up on my schoolwork.
An essay needs to be written for next mon. for my black chicago class, midterms this week and next and a big paper to do for my policy class.

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