Sunday, October 06, 2002
Jesus H. Christ, I do take forever to do this.
First things first.
I finally found out what took place after my drunken blackout evening of fun,Fun,FUN. Apparently, I missed a friend of LaLinda's being incredibly sick in the restroom afterwhich he curled up in same restroom for a little nap. Then, after LaLinda resuscitated said friend(and me on my barstool) we left, with a crackwhore in tow that they got rid of, because i was far too squiff to be of any use. We took the train, I asked for repeated lights of my cigarette from LaLinda("what were you doing with them, anyway T?"). I stared off into space("What is he looking at?"), nearly fell onto the tracks, and had a nice little lie down once we got on the train. I made it home under my own power from LaLinda's stop and somehow managed fall into bed. I think I remember some drunken stumbling and how I got across the streets without being hit I'll never know...
Worked like a fiend on an essay for my Blk. Chgo. class cos we only had a week for the damn thing. I can't believe how unmotivated the rest of my class is. This one chick from my class(she's in Metropolitan Planning so she's got to be okay) said she's pretty sure that she's only ever seen me, this Poli Sci grad student(who seems to know nothing!), and herself in the library to read the reserve materials--which are actually necessary for this class. I get the feeling everybody else is cramming. Not that i care except it's meant that, for my sake, i've been monopolizing the class. I mean, most of these asses would be happy to let Reed go on his merry way and go on tangent after tangent. But I;ve found that if you keep him on target he's very good. Unfortunately, I seem to be the only one. Whatever. I'm getting my fuckin' money's worth and fuck the rest of them if they don't.
Went to Aurore's art show. It was in Pilsen, so I took the Halsted bus from Roosevelt Road on my way back from working on my paper on Sat. morning. Got to go through the old "Jewtown" now called "University Village". It made me sad to see all those town houses. Some with copper flashing on their exterior bay windows. The idea, I guess being to have instant "age" on them in a couple of years so the area looks more "lived in". But I can't front. I'd buy there in a second if I had the money. Where Aurore lives is artist housing provided by John S. who owns tons of property in Pilsen. He charges the artists a fraction of the true value. But, according to Aurore, they have to show a portfolio and it's very serious. Anyway, the did an artwalk in Pilsen and she was a part of it. I only looked in on her cos I was tired and over everything that day. I ended up buying 2 of her drawings. Very nice. I'll write about last week's doings later....
Listening to: "Katy Lied"-Steely Dan, "Parachutes"-Coldplay, "Substance"-New Order, "The harder they come"-Soundtrack

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