Thursday, September 12, 2002
quote from a message board:
One time, Billie joe Armstrong (of GreenDay, for those of you who are dead), was in an interview, and the interviewer lady said:

"so, billie joe, what is punk?"

to which billie stood up, walked over to the nearest trash recepticle, and promptly kicked it over

"that's punk" he said

with that, the interviewer stood up, walked over to another bin and kicked it over

"so am i punk now?" she asks

no", says billie joe, "now you're trendy"

Monday, September 09, 2002
What a day.
My history prof. is getting on my nerves cos his "lectures" (and I use that term loosely) seem to be more for some sort of high school mentality-even though the class is a cross-listed undergrad/grad course.
Nothing get on my nerves more than an attitude that black people do no wrong and are victims. Worse still, an attitude that while on the one hand we are supposed to be treated as individuals in a way that the majority culture doesn't seem to do but at the same time there are "traits" unique to us as african-americans. The fact that these "traits" he puts forth could describe any group of human beings about at the moment. I try hard to give him the respect of not wandering off into my own thoughts or being rude enough to read while he goes on and on, but dammit it's hard. Everything he talks about I knew in 6th grade thanks to a good teacher named Mr. May. I can only hope we start to go somewhere interesting in this class.
I met with a couple of profs. who are being helpful in my housing project. I've got a couple of dissertations to read and though I feel a bit overwhelmed by what I'm embarking on, it feels really good and do-able. I hope to get some good mentoring and research skills out of all this. My thesis will probably be much more focused and small than I originally envisioned. But they gave me the kind of emotional and intellectual permission I needed to do this, so happy me.
I spent the weekend collecting books cos I'll be damned if I'll pay for what I can get for free. Thank you ILLINET!
Listening to: "Something/Anything" Todd Rundgren. I can see this becoming a big favorite.

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