Wednesday, September 04, 2002
A new bad girl
moved in on my block
i gave her my key
i said don't bother to knock

i'm still loving the New York Dolls...
So I started classes today. Fucking finally!
I went through mega-bullshit just to get my goddamn classes. First they tell me the wrong date to meet my advisor, so I lose the entire weekend cos god forbid any of those bitches in the Econ dept. work on the friday before labor day like every other person in the university did. I finally get advising from the dean of the dept. himself after pitching a bitch (in my own initimitable low key way). Then, that night around 9p.m., a Prof. from the same dept., responding to my ultra-pissed off phone message from the week before(when none of those bitches were supposed to be around to register me) decides to call me and offer all sorts of helpful(read: useless) advice about coursework.
Too late fuckwad! I've already written my schedule in stone.
But the dean was very helpful. When I told him about my interest in housing and african-american experience in Chicago, he put me in touch with a prof. who's writing his dissertation on the CHA. I'm meeting with this guy next week and he's going to give me readings and advice. COOL!
First class today with a prof. who wrote all the books used in the course. Don't you hate that shit? I mean, he's good but do I have to supplement his goddamn income AND pay for the class as well?
Joke's on him since I'm getting all the books from the library. I'll probably end up buying them cos they've got lots of useful info about the black experience in Chicago from 1890-1970. I'm not so sure he's such a great prof. though. But time will telll.
So many hotties at this school! Gotta get laid, gotta get laid...
Listening to: "New York Dolls", "When I was born for the 7th time" Cornershop, "Girlfriend" Matthew Sweet, "The First Day" David Sylvian and Robert Fripp, "Rid of Me" PJ Harvey

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