Thursday, August 08, 2002
Wow, I didn't realize it had been so long since I last updated.
So the past few days have been spent (or misspent) doing what I do best. Eating, drinking, reading, laughing, and sleeping.
Not necessarily in that order.
Tonight, I've come to the realization that my math studies are going to have to deepen considerably. Oy Vey.
Also, I'm thinking very seriously about going directly into a Phd. program instead of putting my doctoral studies off until I'm older and presumably wiser. So, 5 years of my life will be eaten away instead of 2. What the fuck.
Went out Tues. with LaLinda. He got his hair cut and then we walked down Broadway for a bit.
Okay, how pissed am I that guys looked at him(with lust in there eye) looked at me(with indifference) then looked at the both of us ("what are they doing together?"). This has happened all our lives. People always think we're together, and then wonder why I/he is with him/me. And I'm pissed cos it made me self-conscious and I actually cared.
We had multi-drinks at Buck's, The Eagle, Jackhammer. Jackhammer was having karaoke night, which always makes me crack up cos the guys there get good and shit-faced before they take the stage and their selections are invariable amusing.
Wed. wasn't so bad and I had no hangover at all. But this morning was a different story. I hate that it takes 2-3 days for all the alcohol and cigarettes to cycle out of my system. You would think a man my size would retain less or at least handle it better, but I've not been abusing my body lately so I guess I'm paying the piper for it.
Bunch o' new cds: Gilles Peterson "Incredible": This is bitchin' and I can't wait to turn Austin on to it cos it's right up his alley.
Funky Green Dogs "Star", Patti Smith "Peace and Noise".

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