Friday, July 26, 2002
What a day! Quelle jour! I've spent most of it in a carbohydrate induced coma (damn those Whoppers...mmm,Whoppers). Tried to read some, but J.M. Keynes and centralized planning in Stalin's Russia just isn't doing it for me today.

Went to Indiana today for cheap gas and groceries. Stared like a fiend at white-trash construction workers, "Damn, why isn't it hotter today?" "Why?" "Cos then they'd have to take off their shirts and show off their muscles"(this was said by moi in the voice of the Chicken Lady from Kids in the hall). What does this tell you? That I am LOOKING FOR "IT".

Supposed to go to a volunteer meeting tomorrow, but this damn humidity has got me down so we shall see (but it ain't looking good).

And I am promising myself to get an essay up by Mon. if it kills me.

Wednesday, July 24, 2002
boredom,depression,despair. Other than that, a fabu day!

LaLinda got back from Prague. He was pulled out of the customs line in Frankfurt while making his connecting flight. Is it his fault he looks North African? He said the soldiers who were stationed in the airport gave off a "squirelly" air that was making all the Americans from his flight nervous. It was like they knew something was going to happen but weren't telling. Anyway, he opened his bag for them, they didn't find the secret Bin Laden decoder ring or all the cash he carries for the cause and let him get back in line. They then asked Armyboy if he was travelling with LaLinda. "Yes, I am. Just go through my bag here and get it over with...why are you bothering with us when there are much more suspicious looking people on this flight like...that guy with the backpack up there". So the soldiers then pull backpack guy out of line and give him the once over. Keep in mind that the people making their connecting flight are completely freaked out because they are sure that all this is going to make them miss their flight. And later, on the plane, LaLinda sees this one older lady looking back at him from time to time and hears her whispering to her husband,"Yes, that;s the guy they pulled out of line earlier...". Finally he leans forward and says,"Oh just shut the hell up lady."

They spent a day in Frankfurt and Berlin. Armyboy wouldn't let LaLinda go see the Brandenburg gate 'cause he'd been stationed in Germany for years and had too many memories associated with it. What this had to do with LaLinda going to see it? 'Cos LaLinda doesn't speak German (or Turkish,which you would need 'cos all the cabdrivers there are Turkish and apparently all speak lousy German). They hung out in bars and drank the REALLY strong beer they have there. LaLinda said he had one beer and that was really all he needed for the day! They hung out, they argued (big surprise), and then went to see a subtitled version of "Minority Report". (Why, you ask, would they see a film when they had the whole of decadent dirty Berlin available to them? 'Cos their both fucking weird that way.) Unfortunately for LaLinda, the subtitles to this German dubbed version were in FRENCH. This frustrated LaLinda(who did not take my advice in high school and pay better attention in French class) and amused Armyboy too no end.

Prague, however, was exactly the disappointment I thought it would be because, as we all know, everybody is on their annual holiday. So it was a big bore, Armyboy took care of his business, and the boys flew home.


I spent the better part of the afternoon shredding old papers. Can you imagine the fun? Didn't read a thing, watched way too much T.V. and napped my ass off.

I think I need a life....

spent the day taking care of school business and wandering a bit downtown and in hyde park. Other than that nothing,nada,rien.

Listening to: Dusty Springfield Anthology

Monday, July 22, 2002
As regular as menstruation, I've had my monthly BIG freakout.

Freakout for July: I've got no job, will never get a job, will be homeless and/or pathetic until the DAY I DIE.

This is followed up by more mad thoughts for how to earn a crust and/or make some cash.
I HAVE NO MONEY..Why do I even buy stuff?...Hmm, I guess I could sell drugs...nah,maybe I'll just sell all my cds...or I could just get more credit cards...nobody will ever hire me again!! How many resumes have I sent out this week?...Why aren't I just making shit up?...

I think you get the picture.

Listening to: Aretha Franklin-"I Never loved a man the way I love you", Chic-"Good Times", Ananda Project-"Release", Daft Punk-"Discovery"

I'm so tired of being fat. It's been fun and all, but I am so over it.

Sunday, July 21, 2002
Sitting here in the Chicago heat is a drag.

But it really wasn't so bad. I've watched tons of t.v. today and completely shirked any and all responsibilities and/or pursuits. I was supposed to go over to Austin's for queertv night. This all started as a night of "Six Feet Under" and "Queer as Folk" (or, as I like to call it, "Shit on a Stick") that the gang was doing before I even met them. Can you believe Austin has never seen "Sex and the City"? I mean, not so much because it's a good show,because it's just okay,but just because the cultural zeitgeist demands at least the watching of one episode! But since the ladies aren't his thing, why should I think he'd want to watch a gaggle of them bitch about men and shoes for 30 mins.?

But in any case, I didn't go for queertv 'cos it's hot and I'm in no mood to deal with Sunday public transportation(which as of late been very good and,more importantly,generally airconditioned). However, Austin said they might go the "Green Mill" 'cos his out-of-town guest is a poet and they might check out the scene. I've wanted to go for some time (mainly 'cos Terry Callier was doing a residency there plus I've always wanted to check out the slam poets.

Curses!Screwed again! (Unless of course they don't go..).

Instead of doing any or all of the above, I shall (like any good girlyboy) watch the Season Opener of "Sex in the City". Whoo hoo, I love shoes!

Listening to:Free,"Fire and Water". Bad Company,"Bad Co." The Allman Bros.,"Live from the Fillmore East".

Did I mention that I'm secretly a 40-year-old redneck from Moline?


today was fun, fun, fun!

I was supposed to meet Aurora at the Gerber-Hart library for their ongoing book sale. So I decided to go first to the library(my hangout of choice these days) and look for good gay fiction and new music. Found stuff I really wanted to hear: Simon and Garfunkel's "Bookends"('America' is such a great song), Richard Thompson's "You,Me,Us?"(I would marry this man if I thought he had interest in overweight black guys), The O'Jay's "Backstabbers"(Philly soul is an ongoing obsession),and Christopher Lawrence's "United States of Trance"(I'm kinda over trance but what the hell). No books 'cos I've got enough on my plate at the moment.

So I make my way up to Granville(where the library's located) on the Brown Line/Red Line, a big smile on my face, soaking up the sun on this overheated day. I've got time to kill when I get there so I go into the Granville Anvil("we never close!") for a quick one("gin and tonic, and be quick about it!"). The Robert Blake version of "In Cold Blood" is on the T.V. and the slutty drunks have come out nice and early lookin' for company (not me, thank you very much). I stumble into the Gerber-Hart at the appointed time, in full realization that Aurora won't be there, for she, like so many sisters, is on dyke time and will get there when she damn well pleases. I check my bag with the superpolite volunteers and upon turning come face to face with a room chock full of PORNO! I actually gasp and move quickly into the room, eyes wildly moving from box after box of magazines to box after box of tapes. I fall upon the tapes, praying that their might be a pre-condom classic or two from the 80s hiding within only to find BETAMAX TAPES. But my disappointment is salved by the overflowing bounty of "In Touch","Jock","Freshmen","AdvocateMen", and even a few "Inches". I decide, in my slightly inebriated state, to save this treasure trove for a closer inspection after Aurora arrives. So I look around a bit, find some books I want and go to sit down on the couch next to some very punk/boho-chic lesbianas, and looking up I see Aurora. So she sits, we talk about art and her new work for a bit and then begin our search for stuff. Long story short, we end up in the sacristy of all-things porno near the end of our search, where we find all the boxes of manlove for me and ONE box of womyn-on-womyn porn for her(I pointed out to her that men are more visual than women, so naturally there would be 10 times the amount of boyporn). We did a diligent drill down through the material, found our goodies(I found a goodly bunch of late 70s and early 80s mags, including an "In Touch" with Divine on the cover and a "Jock" with a huge Lee Ryder photospread) and made it out of there. As an extra added bonus, we were given boxes full up with old editions of "Ms." magazine (for her) and "Vanity Fair"(for me) for free!

We drove to the Hollywood Grill after that for a late lunch/early supper and talked,talked,talked.

Aurora dropped me off around 9 and I've been a busy beaver ever since.

And now I'm over it....

A good Saturday. A complete change from my usual hermit routine and lots of sunlight,too.

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