‘Can’t Shout, Can’t Scream’ was originally conceived on a wet and dismal family holiday in Wales, in the summer of 1999. I had been self-harming then for about 4 years, and I had decided that I was fed up with the whole thing. I had also recently discovered the wealth of web sites about the issue on the internet, but realized that not everyone who needed to be reading this information had access to it. So I decided to send out flyers to my many penfriends, hoping that some of them would contribute their opinions and advice. A ‘zine was born.

I mention a wealth of web sites. So why bother adding the same information again? Two reasons...

1) My dad pointed out that even more people would have access to this information on the web. Hopefully including some professionals, and those outside the demographic of ‘zine-reading, letter-writing teens.

2) It is becoming increasingly difficult to find the simple and straight-forward information needed, but also it is difficult to find anything beyond the rote-learned textbook ‘whys and wherefores’. There are some excellent sites, linked to here, but equally, there are many personal sites which, while equally valuable, are often not useful as a first port of call. I have also consciously stayed away from the more blatant graphics that some people find disturbing.

Carrie, 5/7/2001

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