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Dates Archive - 2003


12/13/03 (Saturday) at Skully's with Go Evol Shiki! and Audion


11/29/03 (Saturday) in Pittsburgh with Lorelei at Gooski's

11/15/03 (Saturday) at Bourbon Street with Evil Queens, Hero Pattern and Rockit Girl


10/18/03 (Saturday) at Bernie's with Radio Berlin and The Cinema Eye


9/26/03 (Friday) at Little Brother's for the Ladyfest Ohio Kickoff with TBA

9/12/03 (Friday) at Skully's for the Monster Movies CD Release


6/20/03 (Friday) at Bernie's with Cinema Eye and Audion

6/07/03 (Saturday) at Neo for Whitney Lee's art reception

6/06/03 (Friday) at Little Brother's with Melt Banana and Trauma


4/06/03 (Sunday) at Madlab for Emily-Kitturah Westenhouser's art gallery reception with Go Evol Shiki!

4/02/03 (Wednesday) at Bernie's with Second Story Man and TBA


3/24/03 (Monday) at Little Brother's with Mary Timony

3/23/03 (Sunday) at Talking Head in Baltimore, MD with Cinema Eye

3/22/03 (Saturday) Ladyfest Philly at The Rotunda at 11:30pm

3/19/03 (Wednesday) at the Mr. Roboto Project in Pittsburg with Lorelei, Benchwarmer, and The Copyrights


2/27/03 (Thursday) at Bernie's with Go Evol Shiki! and Audion

2/18/03 (Tuesday) at Oldfield's on High with Lorelei and Mentzer


1/23/03 (Thursday) Rock for Choice Benefit at Little Brother's with The Checkout, Rookie, Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, Kes Sherman, and Connie Gadell-Newton