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Dates Archive - 2002


12/31/02 (Tuesday) New Year's Eve Bash at High Five with Gil Mantera's Party Dream

12/04/02 (Wednesday) Benefit at Little Brother's for Andyman's Charities with Go Evol Shiki! and Kopaz


10/14/02 (Monday) at Bernie's with Golden Boy (Elliot Smith) and Kiss Kiss


9/25/02 at Bernie's with Of Montreal

9/21/02 at Red 16 with Carlos Avendanjo (Flotation Walls) and Audion

9/5/02 at Legion of Doom


8/31/02 (Saturday) at Bernie's Underground Music Festival with Foul Play, Offending Instruments, 84 Nash, Kiss Kiss, and Scabhead

8/14/02 (Thursday) at Little Brother's - Rape Crisis Center Benefit with Manda and the Marbles, The Check Out


7/27/02 (Saturday) at Larry's with Mentzer


6/14/02 (Friday) at Oldfield's on High Night of the Deadly Dolls sponsored by Now It's Dark with Planet-12, Manda and the Marbles, and Fletch (starts at 9:30)

6/11/02 (Tuesday) at Little Brother's with Mary Timony (Helium)

6/2/02 (Sunday) in Bloomington, Indiana with Turn Pale and Black Eyes (ex-The Rapture)

6/1/02 (Saturday) at Red 16 with F**Bomb and Apologetic (Directions)


5/24/02 (Friday) at Bernie's for Don B's Birthday Bash with The Guinea Worms, New Bomb Turks, Grafton, The Jeffs, The Igniters, and Scabhead

5/23/03 (Thursday) Take Back the Night Rally (5:00-6:30) between the Wexner Center and Sullivant Hall

5/20/02 (Monday) at Bernie's with Di Di Mao and Dub Noir

5/9/02 (Thursday) at Oldfield's on High with Premiere and Kopaz

5/2/02 (Thursday) at Ruby Tuesdays with Neverwhere and The May


4/27/02 (Saturday) at BLD Outrage Women's Fest with TBA


2/24/02 (Sunday) at Bernie's with The Emerald Down and Audio Explorations (early show)

2/21/02 (Thursday) at Bernie's with Black Cat Music and Go Evol Shiki!


CANCELLED!!! 1/24/02 (Thursday) at Bernie's with Ides of Space and Tiara

1/05/02 (Saturday) at Ruby Tuesdays with The Bravado and The Emerald Down

1/04/02 (Friday) at Cedars Lounge (Youngstown) with Favorite Action Hero