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Media Unit finds five green tree frogs wrapped in foil

10 May 2002

RARE FIND: Australian foil frog (with a choccy centre)

ONCE upon a time, there lived a frog and a groovy media unit.

Not just any frog, but a rare and endangered chocolate foil frog. And not just any media unit, but the Big School's own Corz, K-girl, Paulo and Jace.

No, don't turn away, this isn't story-time at media spin.

Rather it's an odd little tale of characters who met in the sparce environment of their crappy office.

The frog (Pinkus Ladyius) is a rarely encountered species these days and, as frogs are considered a barometer of the office's health, their declining numbers are considerable cause for concern.

The Media Unit, surprised at the discovery--the frog was simply sitting there near each of their computers--ate three of them to taste their scrumptious guts seeing as there was no other edible food on campus. Subsequent investigations suggest the frog may be being illegally bred and sold nearby.

"I talked to the people in the Amphibian Research Centre, they were rather delighted to hear someone had found one in the inner suburbs," Corz said yesterday.

"It encouraged me to put in a pond in the media office and I spent the whole of Sunday digging a gi-normous trench under Adrian's desk. I'm hoping a few might turn up and start breeding. If not, we'll have to get the guys from maintenance to come and fix up the bloody mess we have made."

by Corey Nassau 10 May 2002 | home page | top of page


Writer Corey Nassau was inspired by this report in the Geelong Advertiser:


From Adrian <pinkusladyius>, a response to last week's story about an amphibian infestation in the media office:

When I went in to the office early Monday morning I almost tripped over my chair -- my desk's the one closest to the door. "It's those sloppy cleaners," I thought, and then immediately felt bad for being so uncharitable. No one was around, and so to cheer myself up I leapt onto my chair and whizzed spinning over to my desk. Imagine my surprise when I suddenly found myself up to my neck in water! Now I really felt bad! There was a big hole under my desk filled with water and I was in it!

As I sat forlornly there -- I was still on my chair -- I glimpsed the tinfoil-like sheen of Pinkus Ladyius -- a few of the rare frog had appeared in the office over the last few days. And then a little taddy swam past my nose...

I shouted with joy! Someone had made a frog pond, and the rare Pinkus Ladyius was breeding! Boy I couldn't wait to tell everyone the good news!

17 May 2002 | home page | top of page


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