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"Welcome to the Zoey zone."

Howdy ya'll! I doubt I'll be doing too much more writing with the NSync stories because....well....I still love the guys, but not having them around any more is rather discouraging. --- In my almost non-existant free time, I have been working on quite a few romance novels, for those of you who are interested. I'll start posting as soon as I get the time to type up what I've written. Wish me luck for finding free time with a baby to take care of! lol (An adorable baby girl, Alexa Grace, born August 27, 2004. *grins* Wanna see?) I'll be updating this site as much as possible, so make sure you bookmark it or save the link somewhere! *hugs to all*

"Later, love ya, kay-gotta-go-bye, and all that shtuff!"
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What female stereotype of
Final Fantasy are you?