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HI!!!!!!!!!!! And stuff..... Welcome to muh website! WOOOOOOOOO anyway... Yes that is muh tounge... like it huh?!?!?! uh huh I know right! Any way! WELCOME! oh wait.... I did that part already.. *shakes head and falls over* I smoke too much.. hehehe... No but seriously... I'm Kellie... HI! and stuff... I'm 21 (finally) WOOOOOOOO....... from oooooooooooooooooooklahoma *busts out in song* DRUGS ARE BAD! anyway... email me here is some pics of me and some freaks I hang out with...

PITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The freak that I'm standing by... is Allie.. Muh bestestestestestestestestestestestestes.. hold on.. got overly excited.. sorry.. shes muh bestfreind :)~

This is Calvin.. Muh husband we got married December 3, 2001 WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO for me...I love you baby....Pretty ring huh? ^

Thats Allie again... Shes a retard... REALLY! She is... but I love her *sniffles... TEAR*

Ok lets get serious for a moment... I am the sexiest Bish you will ever see.. so love me! lol... JK! REALLY I'm not stuck on muhself... sometimes a lil.. no big deal.. just plz dont jerk off to muh face.. its icky...


MUHFAVORITEPIC!!! Anyway.. lol... more pics of my psycho bestfriend..

This is a pic of my absolutly BEAUTIFUL little sister.. I LOVE YOU TRISHA!

Here Are Some Links!

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If Ya Have a Mic then come and Talk chat with me~~~~~>SeNSul SinZ (thats muh name and Allies too)