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January, 2002 | Photos: Alanna Simone | click to enlarge

Although Zzyzx springs is full of archeological artifacts left by thousands of years of human visitation- this does not appear to be any form of human skull, and no apparent burials have been found, as yet, to my knowledge.

Never the less, the rock formations are pretty.

The movement of the camera combinded with the setting sun which essentially backlit the hills, was interesting, at best. The purple aura is something I hope to learn more about in the future.

This windmill makes a constant whining, creaking noise.

The sound of it follows you around the entire complex.

squeek, squeek, squeek

There's a sort of salt bed here, so the desert floor is rather flat - and occasionally it's marshy too.

Sunset on the highway.

The highway, incidently, is part of Route 66, if I'm not mistaken.

January 2002
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