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a tattooed women's collective

what is painted ladies, you may ask? well, it's a resource created for heavily tattooed women by heavily tattooed women who are tired of being looked down upon, objectified, and shunned by a society that still has a hard time accepting women with a lot of inkwork. in painted ladies, hopefully tattooed women will come together, share useful information, discuss tips and trials, and find strength in one another. it will also be a way of displaying each woman's unique body art without objectifying the woman...each member will have her own page on which she can talk about anything she likes, as well as displaying links she finds helpful/interesting. if you'd like to be a part of painted ladies, please check out the link entitled "the information" below on what you'll need to do. if not, just look through the pages and enjoy each woman's beautiful tattoos and poignant message as well.

updated every few days! (i try to be good.)