My HOT Lovers on the Side

These are my HOT lovers on the side. Oh, they just make me radiate with undying lust for them. They make me so


! ( licks lips with long tongue )

You can't expect much from the human race, ya know. They're either too small or they just aren't keeping up with demons like me on a mental level. Humans have no clue on what to do with a club or a baseball bat except to hit females! They simply have *no* imaginations.


I really don't know how those human women put up with their unintelligent men! Oh, well. That's their problem - I ain't going for the pea brained males! These are the kind of men that I like!

So all you idiotic humans out there who REALLY think that I would go for something out there like you ... dream on and keep walkin baby, cause that's what I'm doin. So don't be stalkin me, don't be sending me love letters, don't be askin around about me!

Now this is the man that I REALLY go for.
Gnombes make me all jumpin' with desire all over because they are just the nicest things available.
This guy ... whatever his name is ( I can't remember now that I think about it ), always treats me good. He gives me flowers. He doesn't go off and buy them from some nasty florist shop out to make a stupid buck, either. He actually goes outside, wanders around and find the perfect flower. He also wanders around until he finds the perfect stone! He knows all about stones, too. Infact, he studys this website all the time RIGHT HERE ! Oh, he is sooo intelligent. He knows how to build just about anything. He built me a house and a fairly large gazibo. I sold them both for $100,000. Oh, and he doesn't mind. Infact, he is building two other houses for me right now!

But, I am a demon and I just can't stand the stench of a gnomb's body odor. So ... I cheat on him. He keeps buildin those houses and I keep takin' em ( and selling them ). Is that wrong??

Nahhhh ....

I'll just cheat on him. It's better for me that way.

So, why not cheat on him with something he could never compete with?? I choose a lesser god. I figure I'll work my way up from there. After all, he does have a whole grove of followers at Pan's Grove . When I go to this grove with my male mistress, his followers kiss my feet. I like that! I like being worshipped! And the followers of Pan have the best sex! Just check out this website if you don't believe me : My honey is on this page!

Yet, I do not feel as though he can satisfy me. He is off pleasing his nymphs all the time. It really


I feel like I need to escape from this male who feels like he needs to call every nymph from every little grove from each little corner of the world to please him. He's nothing but a drunk anyhow!

Animals give me the love that I need. They always have and they always will! Here is a picture of the animal I was with last night! He's a REAL animal and we have hot, untamed sex every night of the week! Then, of course, I get up and go to any one of a dozen other houses where my other lovers are. I'm just doin' my own thing. I'm hanging in there. But sometimes, I will meddle with the minds of men. If you are 18 or over, you can read about a human man that I tricked here : I TOLD YOU HUMAN MEN ARE STUPID!

Oh, well.

Note : This is not meant to piss off human women. Infact, I find human women very crafty and tasty when they want to be.

I would eat a woman anyday. I find the leg very tender when I bite my teeth into it.

Starting to get scared?? I understand ( sigh ). O.k., here's your way back to my main page : To the Homepage of Demonloverus - Psst., if you are a male human, that's me.

Or, If you ARE 18 or over, you can read this little story about one of my ex husbands who was a human ( you can tell ). What Scott Likes

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