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My Pages:

General album A general album containing some
random snaps from the last 5yrs.

July 2006 Goodwille party A little photo album from a family party
in July 2006, hosted by... The Goodwille Branch!!! xx
Lots of photos, plus me in a pink wig..

1 Motorbikes

I love bikes, I've had a few and the current is the love of my life...

This page has photos, info, and useful related links.

2 Monkey Think, Monkey Do

An article on morals and actions today.

This an article someone sent me. I think it is very intelligently written and thought out, and definately worth reading. Very thought-provoking...

3 Drugs are cool, you may not be.

Drugs Are Cool.

This is so true, so un-PC, and so funny.

4 Radiography

My new career...

This what I am studying at University. This page has info about Radiography and how I came to choose it. Also some related links. (Hell, what's a webpage for if not for linking?!)