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The following are questions most frequently asked. Please take your time and browse through these questions so you can get the answer you need. I would rather not answer these questions over the phone, through E-mails or Instant messages. If have haven't answered a certain question, make sure you check my rates page, for it may be there or e-mail me anytime!

Do you have more pictures that you can send me?

All of the photos on this site are actual and recent. I will try to update my pics often but will not be sending others out.

When are you available?

Any evening after 8pm. Day appointments are availble on Tuesday and Wednesday from 11am until 10pm. Early morning appointments can be arranged any day of the week between 6am and 8am.

Do you need advance notice for appointments?

1 to 2 hours at the least. I need time to make my self attractive!!

How do I make an advance appointment?

After you have read my rates page and know when you would like to meet, E-mail me with some general information - Your name and a telephone phone to contact you. An option I offer to the regular payment method is Paypal. That's a great idea if you are coming in from out of town and wish to secure your time with me.

Do you offer incall or outcall?

I offer Incall appointments only at this time.

Do you work for a service or are you independent?

I am an independent companion/escort and work for myself.

Do you respond to all e-mail/Instant messages?

I will e-mail you back yes, and you can IM me through MSN Messenger by adding me to your buddy list. I am at I will, however, never respond to a rude or explicit response. If I receive one it will be deleted. Remember to refrain from such behavior, please. This is VERY big problem when it comes to emails.

You can be assured that a fun time will occur! I love to make you feel right at home and at ease.

DISCLAIMER AND NOTICE FOR MY CLIENTS: My Fee is ONLY for my time as your companion. No compensation in any form will be accepted for any illegal activities. Please, you must be at least 21 years of age and required to present proper identification at the time of service. All personal information from you will be verified prior to any appointments by phone and I always reserve the right to decline appointments if I deem it necessary and for any reason. My rates are non-negotiable. Travel expenses are extra and vary by location. Sexually explicit messages of any offensive nature will not be replied to.