Corinna Fugate

“I highly recommend giving this lady a listen to. She may very well be the next Joni Mitchell.” - Dave Anderson, Long Island Entertainment News

“Corinna is an up and coming rising star. She is in a word, a natural. ‘Her rich voice is often compared to Jewel.’” – Andrew Miller, Pitch Weekly

"Like Tori Amos, Corinna confronts her demons in song." - Danny Alexander, Kansas City Star

     Corinna Fugate is a rising singer songwriter with a haunting voice and strong, original songs that tell of a journey that belies her 21 years. Corinna, who hails from Nashville, started performing in clubs in the Midwest, and is bringing her personal brand of music to the East Coast in clubs like The Bitter End in New York City.

     In Corinna's first album, Chasing the Ghost, she tells her life story. When Corinna was just 12 years old, her father was killed tragically in a work accident. "My world was shattered," she recalls. "One moment changed my life forever."

     The death of her father forced Corinna to grow up fast. It also left her obsessed with death. Suddenly, she was different from her teenage friends. "I felt desolate and misunderstood,'' she says. "I had trouble relating with the kids who used to be my friends.'' Isolation soon followed. As Fugate struggled to stay connected to the world, and she soon found herself falling into a downward spiral of negative behavior. Fugate's life changed one Christmas morning when Corinna was seventeen. Her mother gave her a blue guitar. Corinna taught herself to play, and had written her first song within two days. "Songwriting opened up a whole new world for me. It gave me a sense of solace, it was a way for me to relate to the world again.'' When asked about how she writes her songs, Corinna says, "Even though my father passed away when I was 12, I can still feel him with me. I believe that he helps me write my songs. I believe that the soul survives death. I believe that the soul is immortal. And when I write, he's here with me. It's not the body that keeps you alive. It's the spirit burning inside. So, I truly believe that there is no death."

     Music is in Fugate's blood. Corinna's father was a musician, Michael Fugate, who played trumpet with Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Boz Scaggs, and Woody Herman among others. He could also play guitar and bass. He performed with the Buddy Miles Band at Jimi Hendrix's funeral. By the time Corinna was born, Michael was a computer programmer specialist and a building control engineer and had left the music industry in the hopes of providing his wife, Virginia, and daughter, Corinna, a more stable life.

     Comparisons of Corinna Fugate's music to Tori Amos and Fiona Apple are unavoidable and justified, but Corinna stands on her own as an original, groundbreaking composer.

     "These songs that I write are already entities that exist on their own. I am just the translator. My songs come from a very real place inside me. The songs are real. They are entities unto themselves. The songs are alive. They have birth certificates. It is the songs themselves who keep me company. I am extremely lonely and passionate. If I didn't feel things so intensely, I wouldn't be able to write."

     Corinna has written over 1,000 songs to date, and has released 5 albums. Corinna's new album, Undertow is reminiscent Of such albums as Little Earthquakes, by Tori Amos, and Tidal by Fiona Apple. With etheric vocals similar to that of Evanescence's Amy Lee, Corinna Fugate dives into the dark night of the soul in order to come up through the water's shimmering surface to bring back with her these treasured gems of song. Undertow is fearless, bold, daring and confessional. The luminescent musical spectrum of Corinna Fugate's Undertow is unique, exquisite, breathtaking, chilling and beautiful.


     "I would like to add this young lady has also played with some high profile entertainers such as Bruce Willis and Arron Nevelle and is already becoming quite the celebrity herself in the Kansas area. You can check out Corinna's Web page for more info and clips of her albums and learn about her in her own words. I highly recommend giving this young lady a listen to. She may very well be the next Joni Mitchell." - Dave Anderson, Long Island Entertainment Magazine

     "Like Tori Amos, Corinna confronts her demons in song." - Danny Alexander, The Kansas City Star

     "Corinna is an up and coming rising star. Her rich voice is often compared to Jewel. Corinna Fugate may be the jewel in Kansas City's crown." - Andrew Miller, Pitch Weekly

     "I highly recommend giving this lady a listen to. She may very well be the next Joni Mitchell." - Dave Anderson, Long Island Entertainment News

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