I am NOT a crafty person, but I love to cook. However, a part of me would like to be able to sew like my Mother can, but without the effort required to learn!!(My Nana was not a sewer so Mum made clothes herself; consequently sewed for me and I never learned beyond very basic curtain making which came later when I was married and on one occasion made curtains out of sheeting material..). I took needlework in early high school and was barely able to pass.My husbands' Nan taught me how to crochet, again..very basic, and a lady I met in England en route to Canada when I was 8 started me with preliminary knitting. But still the allure of what CAN be made is there and the following are all things I would LIKE to make, so who knows, ONE DAY..............

Garden of Different Flowers

Make your Own / Do It Yourself

Make Your Own Beauty Products!!!! (Great site!)
How to Build an Electric Vehicle
How to build a Short Wheel Base Recumbent Trike.
Make -Stuff.com
How To make Your own Lava Lamp
Make Your Own Mummified APPLE
Homemade Sanitary Pads
Interesting and Useful Crafty Things to Make
MORE!!Interesting and Useful Crafty Things to Make
Make Your own Outdoor Gear..(This is a clever guy..)
Free Tote Bag Patterns
Your Own Food Dryer (I have since bought a wonderful dryer - The Excalibur-
Solar Cookers Galore (great site - many types)
Gothish Paper Dolls
Marilees' Paper Dolls..(stacks here including animals and Kewpie doll)
Jennifer's Doll House Printables
How to Make an 18th Century Corset
How To Make a Victorian Corset
Elizabethan Corsets, Kirtles, Smocks,Petticoats, Hose, Hats, Ruffs, Bows, Pouches, Shoes, Gloves and Accessories!
How To Lace Your Corset..)))
NOW THIS IS A GREAT IDEA..( A T Shirt Used To Make Your Corset Personalized!!
Make Your Own Hobble Skirt
Ladies, How about A Peplos or a Chiton?

More Info On How to Make a Chitons or Peplos.
How To Make A Caftan!!..(
How To Make A Mu Mu
Persian Outer Caftan
Another Caftan Spelt with a K
Turn Denim Jeans into a Skirt.(this is cool)
And Another Jeans- To -Skirt Site With Pics
How To Make A Jeans Bag
A Jeans 'Bootie'Bag
For Gentleman Who Wish To Make A Kilt
How to Make Gorgeous Dolls and Hanties.(or panties from hankies)..and other Bottom Wrappers including Men's And Ladies Sexy Thongs!!
Antimony and Lace - Fantastic Site! -all kinds of gothy and evening type wear you can make
How To Make A Coffin Purse
Grow Your Own Horns
Make An Elizabethan Coif
How To Make An Authentic Braided Rug
How To Make A Quick And Easy Monster Head
Historic Patterns Site (illustrated) and Fabric
How To Make Arthurian Costume
Instructions On How To Refashion Clothes

How To Make A Strait Jacket..(then practise being Houdini)
Build A Cart Bike!!!!!!!!!!!
Make Your Own Guitar Picks (make sure you protect your eyes)
Sewing A Simple Sundress
Armour - Impressive Site